Friday, May 23, 2008

what symbolizes us?

i was laughing really hard while watching this local game show the other day. the game basically is like jeopardy. contestants will choose a category with a corresponding amount. but the main twist was, its a correct-minus wrong game: answer it correctly, you gain the corresponding amount. give a wrong answer, then the amount will be deducted on you.

there was an intense race over two contestants: one was in his mid-20s and the other one was only 18 years old. my money-bet was on the former.

my bet was doing well on the latter part of the game. he was already 3000php ahead of the other. he chose a 5000 "pambansa"(national) category and the time was already running out. its a make or break question.

the host asked the question: what is our national tree?

the buzzer lit on my bet. YES! (i realized that in game shows like this you don't only need the brain. but also the proper breathing skills and fast reflexes). i found no trace of hesitation and difficulty on his face. i love the confidence. he will sure bag this, i thought. then he answered: KAWAYAN or bamboo.

i fell down laughing at my seat. the answer was supposed to be narra. ofcourse my bet didn't win.
then i asked myself, if i will be asked about these national symbols, will i be able to answer them as well?

hmmm...sure can! hahaha.

national hero: jose rizal
national anthem: lupang hinirang
national language: filipino (tagalog before)
national bird: philippine monkey-eating eagle (maya before)
national leaf: anahaw
national dress: barong tagalog (male), baro't saya (female)
national animal: carabao or water buffalows
national fruit: mango
national game: sipa
national dance: cariñosa (tinikling before)
national flower: sampaguita or philippine jasmine
national house: bahay kubo or nipa huts
national fish: bangus or milk fish
national dish: lechon or roasted pig (which i contest, i believe it should be ADOBO!)


when i was a kid, my grade school teacher told us that basically these things symbolizes the entire philippine nation. ofcourse, when i was a kid. i just nod when i am asked, "wouldn't you agree?" by my teacher.

its already a long time arguement that these symbols are quite bias: manila or tagalog-centric as they used to call them. and i really couldn't blame these people that claims that these symbols are. because obviously they indeed are.

nonetheless, i am not in the mood of arguing to this issue. instead i thought of adding up other symbols that i believe could also be considered by the government. here are some on my list.

national vehicle: jeepny
national pasta: instant pansit canton
national breakfast: tuyo or salted fish
national condiment: bagoong or fish sauce
national college course: nursing
national profession: call center agent
national clothing line: bench
national mall: SM
national reataurant: jollibee
national cellphone: nokia
national past time: texting
national host: kris aquino
national beer: san miguel pale pilsen
national drink: empoy (rhum)
national modern day hero: manny paquiao
national matinee idol: piolo pascual
national ambition: to live abroad
national dream wedding: to marry a foreigner
national website: friendster
national nightmare: oil price hike
national dream: peso devaluation

thats it for now, i'll just add up another set next time.


Niel Camhalla said...

I think it's Philippine Eagle. I was told that monkeys comprise a small portion of the eagle's diet so they dropped the 'monkey-eating' part. And funny that a bird on the brink of extinction is our country's a symbol.

bananas said...
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bananas said...

national struggle: ouster of gloria

pwede no? lol

dabo said...

im waiting for the time that not only fact/facts about our country are explicitly define (said) in the local tv shows... say this game show..

this trend is like keeping flies inside the mouth..

--- --

why can't thoses stupid tv executives of channel 7 and channel be truthful in their act..

accuse me of colonial mentality but many foreign shows and movies, particularly american subtlely expose their flag, specially those high-school/college themed bop shows.. even cartoons celebrates independence day without actually mentioning it and pay tribute to the soldiers and veterans of war..

amicus said...

national bookstore: national bookstore

toink. ang korni. hehe :) i agree with neil re Philippine Eagle.
isa pang hirit, parang mas masaya yung singkil kesa sa cariñosa?

Mugen said...

Aliw, but I have to make kontra!!

national vehicle: jeepny - I swear it's FX, mainit kasi lagi.

national drink: empoy (rhum) - It's the horrible Grandma (Grandmatador) Lol

my-so-called-Quest said...

natawa ko sa list na ginawa mo. hahahah!

itanung ko sana yung sa bookstore, may sumagot na pla. hehehhe


WHITE said...

hahahah! nakakaaliw ito especially your second listing...but i'm not really sure if you got it right with the last item: national dream? peso devaluation? should it be peso appreciation? or i'm just being technical about it...LOL

ang saya ng listing mo LOL [again]

wanderingcommuter said...

niel: uy may point ka. hidni ko alam yun. kunsabagay magtutunog redundant nga naman siya...probably it wants to tell us that our nationalism is in the brink of extinction as well. hmmm... thats another issue to discuss, next time.

comment deleted: naprapraning talaga ako kapag may nagdedelte ng comment...hmmm

bananas: so true. actually gusto din ilagay siya. kaso a blogger friend made a blog against GMA and was quoted in INQ. ayun bookmarked na ang blog niya sa crame. hahaha!!

dabo: so true. i think,a s of the moment they can make a cartoon that will highlight your bewtdey...hehehe...hampey bewtdey!

amicus: BANG! BANG! ang korni nga. hahaha... i think mas magandang idea ngayon. para kahit papaano may manggagaling sa mindanao area.

mugen: ang konyo. i have to make kontra! hahaha... redundant na daw ang tamarraw fx, kasi may water buffalow na as the national animal. hehehe.

my so called quest: pasalamatan natin si amicus. dahil jan.

white light: kasi kapag mabababa daw ang piso mas malaki ang palitan ng dolyar ng mga pinadadalhan ng mga OFW na kamag anak. sa bansa natin kungsaan 4 out of 5 household ay may pamilyang nagtratrabaho sa ibang bansa. madami silang nabibili kesa kapag tumaas ang piso!

Sexymoi said...

ahaha... national dream wedding - to marry a foreigner... stuil ka heehee

angelo said...

natawa ako dito!

Kris Canimo said...

ang ugat ba ng national course na nursing ay ang national dream na to live abroad? haha

Abou said...

excited na ako sa susunod mong national listing

he he


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Why peso devaluation for national dream? Parang mali. Negative e.

GODDESS said...

gusto ko ng umuwi! gusto ko ng umuwi!!

namiss ko bigla ang buhay ko dyan sa pilipinas dahil sa post mo na to. while away, i have learned to embrace all of our nation's adversities & haplessness. ganun yata talaga!

Ely said...

National Organized Crime Group: The First Family!

Gypsy said...

ei, somebody's asked me what our national music and national dance are... about the dance, I knew it was tinikling.... then in a game show, I heard it was pandango sa ilaw or something... about the dance... the dance, the dance. I am beginning to believe it's EDSA dancing or street dancing or something

Gypsy said...

No, I was about to ask what is our national music. Payag na nga ako any of those sa Asin... o kaya yong "Awitin Natin" kaso, maraming kaso. is national song the same as pambansang awit? wow. I never realized i was so dumb until now.

Kiss The Bitch said...

that's funny.. :)

especially the national profession part..



> Vanny said...

hahaha. nakakatawa tong list mo. pinag uusapan pa lang nmen ng frnds ko kanina kung ilalagay na ba sa libro yung national pist? u know, manny pacquiao thinggy. haha.

have a happy weekend!


anu kaya ang national blog ng pinas?

vampire angelus said...

super laugh trip yung list mo ha.
kasi naman totoo sya.
alam mo bang may term kaming mga adu maskomista sa mga pinay na nakakapag-asawa ng foreigner? oo, meron. success story ang tawag namin.

keith_thanagar said...

hellow hellow musta na! nice might want to check dat out hehe... essays! essays !

mimi zoom zoom said...

haha. very funny. but national drink should be gin or granma (grand matador). those are every kantos staple.

Lawstude said...

thanks for updating me. if i was on tv, it would be embarrassing if i would be ask what is our national dance or what is our national bird 'coz i still know the formers. thanx for the info.

Josh of Arabia said...

cool facts this one....

as per your ideas,..yes, why not?..

i scored 6/10..i just thought i knew the philippines very well :)

rgds to u.