Friday, May 30, 2008

the most unfortunate person

i was already on my way home after an exhausting day. when something happened that made me realized a lot of things. i can say that the past two days would probably the most drooling day for me.

first, i think i failed my final interview because of a crap i made up. yeah, i know my fault! aside from the fact that the hr staff told me that i overdone the exam. what do you mean about "overdone," miss?

when i applied as a quality assurance officer nobody actually told me that what it really meant was proof reader. so when i did the exam i actually copywrote it. hahaha.

but rules are rules to quote the hr staff. well i wanted to tell her that the instructions that was given to us was not clear. i checked for grammar, typographical errors, redundancies, content consistencies and even reconstructed improper formats, which i think and even them would agree that was incorrect, but i didn't. because i don't want to sound defensive as well as scape goating.

last, was the enrolment. i never really understood why this law school i enrolled into, only has 4 staffs in their college that would facilitate the entrire enrolment process. not to mention fact, that the other one was already the dean.

it took me 5 hours just for my papers to be passed. but surprisingly, their student population for their law college is not that big compare to other big schools and its not even a state university for crying out loud! it literally took them 3 hours just to finished the 6 students ahead of me, just to get their papers. when it was my turn, they just gave me a number and instructed to come back the next day to follow it up, just like the rest of the students ahead of me. i was, "what? why didn't you just put a box in front of your counter. so that us, students will just put our papers there and then file our number and not swaiting (sweating and waiting)? god, is it that hard to be resourceful or even logically, nowadays?---but ofcourse, i tell it to them again. because i remember that u haven't had anything inside my stomach aside from a bottle of orange juice.

the following day, after the most frustrating trip that i need to endure, coming from my final interview, i saw the girl who was infront of me yesterday. she was also in san beda and surprisingly she still remembers my name (almost 75% of the faces i saw in that school was from san beda, believe it or not). then i asked her what will we do next.

she told me that the college announced earlier that they will just accomodate the first 44 students for today. surprise, surprise i am mr. number 104. so i just decided to return back next week.

i thought of not going home yet. because of the fear that i might just tie my neck to the ceiling out of extreme frustration if i go home. so i met up with a friend in ortigas and just had some talk. we said our goodbyes around 2 am already. i rode a cab home and when i thought that it was over. the cab went dead in the middle of katipunan-c5.

"what a day," i thought and to add up the embarassment, i saw people coming out to the streets. i thought are they going after our cab? is it burning? is it about to explode? fortunately, they didn't. they gathered to this spot that was already filled with curious crowd, just right infront of us. i heard sirens. the first was the tanod cab, next was the ambulance then the towing truck.

when the tanods were clearing the people, i saw a detached and still burning car engine in the middle of the avenue. then probably a meter away from it was the car's bumper and then the actual car. from the looks of it, it seemed like the car went over the bridge's barrier and fell over. just imagine the impact.

i found myself stuck just looking at the ruins of the smashed car. i even didn't realized that the cab driver was already pushing the car, to give its engine a kick to ignite. until the car finally moved.

on our way, i realized that i am still lucky for that day compare to the poor fellow who was driving the car---actually we all are.

when we usually complain and admit to ourselves that we are the most unfortunate person that this sadystic world loves excruciating, always think that there is someone who, in that very moment, is experiencing 10 folds of the pain that you are experiencing.

i admit that i feel sorry for myself and most of the people i know. because when they keep on complaining about problems regarding work, school, family and especially lovelife, we fail to realize that these are just petty things compare to the wide array of what others have.

ofcourse, some would actually say that its actually relative. a reason that each person happens to have their own context and ways of handling problems. and for me, i have no problem with that! probably what i just wanted to point out, is the fact that one should never lose grip of what s/he wants to achieve. while also having the realization that the world will not stop for us. it will just continue to revolve and continue with life. and basically, what we just have to do is to hold on to it and make our way eith what would really make us happy and fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

exactly, even in deu 29:29 it says, the secret things belong to the lord our god, but those which are revealed belong to us..

we are consumed by so many things we don't have, questions we don't have the answers as of the moment, past that is already done and future we don't have right to live right now.. that we tend to forgot the simple happiness in life that is already given to us...

the greatest hypocrite speaking for himself here (that's me).. thanks for sharing this, hopefully it will reinforced my desire to be better in art of appreciation. --dabo

Anonymous said...


--- --

(lol --dabo)

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's in the news. The accident you witnessed. Anyway, are you in Arellano law school now?

Mugen said...

Naks!Gandang entry ah. Nice adventure you've got. These things remind us that no matter how we dream of an ideal world, it just fucks up somewhere. Daming hassles ah, but I'm glad you were safe. Until your next adventure. :)

jericho said...

"i thought of not going home yet. because of the fear that i might just tie my neck to the ceiling out of extreme frustration if i go home."

--- eh ang siste pala eh muntikan na itong hindi maisulat... hehe

Ely said...

The only thing i don't understand is that why do other people need to suffer in order for us to realize how blessed we are. Isn't that unfair?


i think all of us are lucky in one way or another anyway... it's just that we have to experience mishaps occasionally. some people experience it for a day (or a week, or a month).. unfortunately for some, they have it their entire life.

But im sure they are still lucky in some areas.

Anonymous said...

hayaan mo na wc, yung ba nga walang makain eh. :D

Toilet Thoughts said...

hmmm. talk about series of unfortunate events. hmmm... pero I believe everything happens for a reason? hmmm... ano kaya rason ng sayo? hehe.

Toilet Thoughts said...

Ay naisip ko na.
1. Overdone ung exam, para marealise mo na OVERQUALIFIED ka sa post. hehe. galing mo kasi eh.

2. baka na delay yung enrollment mo kasi second day, dun mo makikita ung soul mate mo. hehe

3. Kaya ka na late at nasira ung kotse is... tandararan... kung na paaga ka lang ng konti, ikaw sana ung nasa nasusunog na kotse (o kaya dalwa kayo), eh hindi. God paved a way na masira at bumagal ung kotse mo.

hmmm.hehe. basta. Someone's watching over you. Pila man o sa traffic. So wag sumimangot ayt? :)

wanderingcommuter said...

dabo: i think you already are appreciating life very well, aren't you?

bino: nop, i am still around the belt. hehehe. loving recto. hehehe.

joms: thanks! oo nga eh. siguro nga talagang ganun at kailangan lang talagang laging naka smile! hehehehe.

jericho: actually, muntik-muntikan na. hahaha.

ely: why do other people need to suffer in order for us to realize how blessed we are. Isn't that unfair?

one way or another, suffering is inevitable. probably the only point that i am referring, at is the fact that we are not only the one who is experiencing such. we are not born just to suffer. it essential for us to truly appreciate life in its full essence.

kj: i must agree... we just have to the proper disposition in carrying these burdens in life... i always believe that a smile always lightens up almost everything.

toilet thoughts: o baka naman wild lang talaga imaginations mo? hahaha. pero baka nga... hehehe!

my-so-called-Quest said...

we can safely say som days are not really meant for us. badtrip pa the worst kept on coming once it statred. but hey, there'll be another day, a clearer and brighter one!

living for another day makes us lucky bro=]


Mel said...

the thrill of misfortune makes the human life interesting... yata

Sexymoi said...

we won't feel happiness if we don't know how it feels to be sad... everything happens for a reason... :)

odin hood said...

things could only get better... or it could be worse hehe syempre mas gusto natin better

kaya oo nga, di tayo dapat ma-stuck up on "petty things" and never give in to disbelief...

damdam said...

kanya kanyang problema.. kanya kanyang issues sa buhay.. hang ups, concerns, dilemma.. oh well..

shit happens for a reason (lol)

ingats ka lagi!

Nash said...

don't worry all of us had a dosage of "Unfortunate Events" like yours.

And I agree with you nakakainis talaga

napunding alitaptap... said...

ahaha, oo ako sa sabi ni ginoong toilet thoughts, lalo na sa naisip nya #2. . .wahaha.. kumusta ang second day?

wahaha, tama tama, napaisip din ako sa pangatlo nyang teorya.

magaling ang Diyos.