Saturday, May 24, 2008

this year's rainy season started MAY and would probably end in DECEMBER

that night, both friends were happy to see each other after receiving an award that they've seperately won in a prestigious national competition. not to mention the fact, that they were one of the youngest people who won such an award, in their early and mid-20s.

B immediately ran across the correigdor upon seeing M, assisting an older woman on his elbow, probably in her late 40s.

the two hugged each other. they were already doing small hops without them realizing it, because of extreme happiness. probably it was because it is their childhood dream to atleast be a part of this competition.

B introduced M to her mother for the first time. both smiled as they reach other's hand. after the sudden brief exchange of politeness. B noticed the woman who was with M that night. she immediately asked if the woman was her mother also. then there was an ackward silence that covered the air.

M answered,"no, she is my girlfriend," after gaining his self again.

B blushed in her surprise and said sorry. but people around them, who looked at them with THE stare. but the woman smiled and accepted her apologies.


i always imagined myself with an older person as a partner. infact, i already dated a couple before. both were atleast 15 years older than me. unfortunately, we weren't able to move it to the next level. because as much as we want to, our schedule never met half way. up to now, i still wonder where they are?

anyhow, the story above was a story shared to me by my friend, B. she was actually blushing while recalling and telling the story. i know that B had no intentions of judging or humiliating both of them that night. but what bothered her (and me as well) was actually how the people around them reacted upon hearing their conversation.

i never really understood why may-december relationship is an issue as big as if like having a rebound relationship or nothing at all. people are so doubtful about it as if it should not be legitimately or legally accepted. what is more surprising is the fact that it is more accepted to see couples in which the man is way older than the woman: than a woman who is older than the man.

patriarchy, is one possible angle that we could look into. under such societies, people tend to look at age as a decisive factor that determines knowledge, experience and even the role of an individual in a relationship. inshort, the older you are to your partner, the higher authority you have in that relationship.

so applying it in a may-december relationship, where woman is older than the man, the society would view the woman as the one who is in control. unfortunately, as we all know, being a woman in a patriarchal society happens to have the words "doubt" and "failure" tagging along with them. thus, such relationship is often deemed as a relationship that wouldn't really work and last.

there are also people that caters the reason that men in a MDR engages to such, because they don't have or extends the mother image to their female partners.

but i believe that whatever reasons we have toward such or whatever form of relationship, it is actually the mutual reason that binds both couple that would truely matter.

nothing more, nothing less.


GODDESS said...

dare i say, age doesn't matter?? love knows no boundaries, i guess...

whatever makes you happy basta walang nasasagasaang iba.

kanya kanyang trip yan! lol!

Ely said...

It's all about love...I'd ask Demi and Ashton if i have the time. hehehe

rickjayson said...

In my paradigm, I think it's more on the saide of men mature later than women.

aajao said...

hindi kaya dito lang sa atin BIG DEAL ang isang May-December love affair? sa Western Countries kase, walang pakialamanan ang mga tao. "kung saan ka masaya, suportahan ta ka," 'ika nga. :)

akala ko tungkol sa La Nina yung post mo. hehe ;)

mimi zoom zoom said...

i agree that philippine society has not gotten past its uber patriarchal stereotypes. i feel sorry for B. couldnt imagine myself embarassing the girlfriend.

damdam said...

i love the demy-ashton-bruce story.. it's not complicated actually... the society wants it to be complicated... oh well... respetuhan lang ng preference yan.. sagot ko lagi sa iba jan "ingit lang kayo, nag wowork out relasyon nila bleh!" hahaha!

cedeux said...

nice one!

as long as two people are happy, kelangan na lng natin respetuhin yun.

demi-ashton! how about mimi and nick cannon? hehehhe

ingats bro=]

amicus said...

i like older partners din. haha. masarap atang binebeybi. kahit magkamali ng ilang beses mataas ang posibilidad na papatawarin. hindi din kailangang magpaka mature palagi. hehe. [isip bata talaga]

Lawstude said...

i agree, i have been witness to lots of may-december affair some of which have been legalized while some remain as - just that - an affair.

in the end, it's not the age but the love.

Mugen said...

Anything that is unusual is frowned upon in any society. Remember what Conrado De Quiros wrote about Jesus Christ preferring the company of Fishermen and a reformed prostitute? He even said that in those days, it was so unnatural, they nailed him in the cross. :)

Kung kasama ako sa crowd, I won't frown at it, pero siyempre titingin rin ako sa couple. I'm just human not to be curious about them.

wanderingcommuter said...

dapat alalahanin nating:

age doesn't matter, maturity does!!!

nalimutsan ko'ng sabihin!

WHITE said...

masarap maging spoiled! LOL

Richard the Adventurer said...


Maraming mabubuong baby kapag nagkataon!

Mel said...

i've been in one before but can't say i enjoyed it, neither will i frown if i come across such a couple, tama si mugen, we're just human to be curious :)

'age doesn't matter', tama ka, mas tama ka nung sinabi mo na 'maturity does'

parang key and lock yan, it doesn't matter which is rusted, as long as it fits, literally and figuratively, hehe *wink wink lolz