Thursday, May 22, 2008

pondering ploning

the other day, i was telling a friend that i would already stop myself from thinking too much about things. because i might overanalyzed it and end up being more frustrated. so to calm myself from the insurgencies i have inside, i thought of watching a local movie of judy anne santos from a pirated dvd i bought in baclaran. a light movie but with a sense always do the trick for me.

as recommended by friends, i watched ploning.

then, i heard this line:

"siguro kung naging matalino ako, hindi siguro ako magiging ganito kasaya," alma played by meryll soriano." (probably if i were that smart, i might not be as happy as i am now).


then, i said to myself, "HUWAW! NATAHIMIK. MATALINO KA?!" (wow. are you smart?!)


but seriously, she has a point. i realized, knowledge is not always that good without contentment. both should always be in a harmonious and "perfect" balance in order to appreciate the value of one's life.


JM said...

i totally agree.
bawal mag isip masyado. :)

Niel Camhalla said...

ignorance is bliss


knowledge is power.

teka bakit hindi na lumuwas ng maynila si ploning?

Anonymous said...

This is actually my thesis. The related litt showed conflicting conclusions about the correlation of IQ and Happiness. But in my conclusion, IQ and Happiness is not related at all. :)

redlan said...

nanood ka rin. ako noong una hindi ko talaga naisipan manood dahil kung tingnan mo yung poster parang boring.

naiba ang pagkagawa ng movie lalo na ang storya. sa buong buhay ko, ito lang ang pelikulang nagpaiyak sa akin. haha. tumulo luha ko na hindi ko hindi ko namalayan at napigilan.

Aracir said...


knowledge + contentment = wise man

LAD said...

We are so smart that sometimes we think of things far from the ordinary never realizing its the things near to us that really means a lot, and that includes happiness.

But to some extent, learning that you are knowledgeable of many things really bring smile to our face. Sometimes we have to bribe ourselves with offing words i.e. "Matalino ako!" , to boost our confidence and eventually bring as the success that would make us happy and content.

Lydia said...

I visited your blog after finding such a gracious comment you left at mine. Thank you so much! Your blog's header is just beautiful and is a mini-vacation for me just looking at it and thinking about the simple words. Good for you doing this work while in law school. Will you take the Bar in another year?

I really like the premise of your blog and I like reading "foreign" words that I don't understand - just because of that reason!

Ary said...

And I say, Ignorance is bliss