Wednesday, May 14, 2008

remembering starcrossed

this short film would probably already familiar for some. since i have already posted it before.

basically, the reason i have posted it again is because of what i have realized last night.

me and odette decided to meet up in gateway and got ourselves fraps with the same variant again---java chip. "nothing changed!"

as usual, we updated ourselves with the current happenings in our life, which was obviously not that many. since she already joined me in my quest to the world of the un(der)employed. she just resigned from work as a HR personnel in an international money remittance company. for reasons, we again obviously share.

while we were talking, we tumbled upon jopao, another friend from baguio. we greeted and invited him to sit with us. in which, he enthusiastically accepted. probably, like us, he was looking for a sensible chat after along boring day at work(the last two words are not related to me and odette). we talked about ourselves, careers, some friends in the highlands, love lives and films. in which the latter really caught our interest.

then i remembered jopao creating a short film entitled, metro, when we were undergraduate, as part of the their broadcasting curriculum. but since i am a social science graduate, we don't mount such projects. we just keep our nose stuck on piles of readings after more readings, essays and more essays. thus, this was the thing that i would always envy them. if only i have the chance and the proper training, i will do one, as i always tell myself.

then i thought, what really gave me the interest and the idea of doing short films? i remember when i was a kid, i wanted to be an architect. i even remember a fellow classmate whom i made a promise with that by the time we grew up, we will become architects. but it seemed like not all things in life will come the way you wanted it to be. the last time, i checked, i think he is already a pharmacist. while me, i am unemployed (am i rubbing it to much now? sorry i can't help it). then after looking for pages after pages in my about to deteriorate memory, i found it! it was actually this film that made me fall in love with films.

basically, i love the story of this one because it tackled something that is not being tackled by many. in short, a very sensitive issue that discussed double twists of two unlikely events. some called it taboo. some would say its immoral. they even called them freaks and abomination. but after watching the film, i realized, it was more of a simple story of life of two individuals probably in a wrong reality. thus, they were never accepted and the film was entitled starcrossed.

it had been almost 4 years now, since i last saw this movie. but it was just now that i 've realized, that when most people already moved on and have gone back to their lives after seeing this or probably another movie, i am still here stuck and living inside the same screen of this story.

probably, this was the main reason why most of the time i tend to write about very sensitive topics. a way of giving the (being) marginalized voice to tell people that such things happen and we don't have any right to pass judgement to them. probably, like any other social change it would take time before one issue will be accepted. but for now, i am decided, that i'll continue reiterating these topics until change is properly served in its proper place. no matter how long it would take.


SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful post. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. Underemployed ka? Magreklamo!! Hehe.

Yeah I know. It will never go anywhere.

jericho said...

ngayon ko lang ito napanood. don't know what to say ... hehe

acey said...

i agree with you about passing judgement on others, w.c. and now that i've read what you wrote, i'll watch the video. it must be interesting! =D

♥nova-san said...

I haven't watched this yet - but I will (when I'm not at work hahaha), so I'll have to come back and let you know what I think.

As for being judged, I understand what you mean. Enough bad things have happened to me in my own life that have caused me to realize that things are not always what they seem, and as such, I wouldn't want to be judged on certain issues based on just mere outward appearances. There usually is a story and a reason for certain things, and no one has any right to judge.

This was a great post and leaves one much to ponder.

Dakilang Tambay said...

tama! :)

Niel Camhalla said...

Mahirap hindi maging judgemental. Ako may pagka-judgmental din. But I keep my judgments to myself.

dabo said...

nakablock ang mga video dito sa office.. eh.. anyway di ako nagbasa.. kaya eto ummm!

__ __
|__| ..|__|
__ |__| __
|__| |__|

dabo said...

hala..sira yung mga hollowblocks.. (panoorin ko sa bulacan yung video pwamis!)

JM said...

i remember my first film in college. nagmukhang mtv dahil puro kanta. heheh

nice post :)

Diablo said...

grabe, dapat inominate ang post na ito sa maruja awards.

nakarelate naman daw ako.

Mr. Scheez said...

I recommend you see the movies Napola and La Vie En Rose. I know you'll like it :)