Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my top 100 favorite films (top 90-81)

90. oro plata mata 1982
the movie depicts the story of a rich filipino family during the World War2. how they struggle together with the people around them against death and violence.

i say: one of philippines pride and finest

89. spanish apartment 2002
it is a story about a group of exchange student all over western europe that found each other in one apartment. it tells about friendship, culture and life.

i say: aesthetically wonderful. best viewed with housemates! hehehe.

88. yossi and jagger 2002
the story is about two soldiers who guard the israel-lebanon border who try to find some peace and serenity. but eventually found each other.

i say: this made me realize the question, how come it is more accpeted to see two men holding guns than two men holding hands?

87. land before time 1-4 1988

An animated film that narrates the story of littlefoot, a small apatasaurus and his friend as they ventured in a number of journeys.

i say: the film explored so many social issues such as prejudices due to differences and conflicts that are well discusses through a child's perspective.

86. august rush

a story of a boy who was raised in an orphanage and how he was reunited with his parents through music.

i say: the only movie which has been wonderful in my ears..

85. sarong banggi
it tells the story of a young man who is trying to find himself and a prostitute who is looking for her son, just to find out the bitter truth of life.

i say: a very slow paced movie though the twist makes everything worth it.

84. dancer in the dark
a woman who never lose hope in darkness, a mother who wanted more than she has for her son and the world she have lived within the music she hears.

i say: a must watch!

83. madrasta 1996

how can a woman fit herself in a home that isn't hers?how can she win someone elses' heart, if she knows that someone already own them? and how can she exert her right, in a position and place that doesn't provide her one?this is a story of the life of a stepmother in filipino home and how it go outside the typical impression about them.

i say: the only sharon cuneta movie i liked... impressive

82. pusong mamon.

probably one of the earliest gay themed movie in philippine cinema that tackled outside the concept of prostitution. it is a story about two gay couples and how there life has been changed when a woman entered their bond.

i say: sana quizon na lang din ang apelido ko....hahaha.
the only feel good movie that i love... funny, and very refreshing! and the only pinoy-inspired movie na may production number na talagang naenjoy ko... bongga ka day! bongga ka day!

81. blood diamond 2006

A story of a journalkist who is following the illegal diamond trading in africa that ignited the civil war in the same continent. how he managed to infiltrate the business, how he witnessed the world he never thought possible and how he became a part of how the world knew what is inside the diamonds they are wearing.
i say: two thumbs up!


amicus said...

ayan nakakarelate na ako: got 4 of 10. siyempre nangunguna ang land before time! hahaha. i love sarong banggi. subtle lang ang pag-arte. parang normal lang na buhay pero mapapaisip ka.

gillboard said...

yay, may alam na ako na mga pelikula... yossi and jagger lang ang di ko alam... hehehe

Niel Camhalla said...

marami akong hindi alam dyan sa nilista mo, though i find "yossi and jagger" interesting.

Sana may info kung saan makakakuha ng mga ganyang movies :)

sana may time din ako mag movie marathon. i wish. i wish. i wish.

jamie da vinci! said...

oohhh, i saw bits of yossi and jagger. despite the short view, it left quite an impression on me. very tender indeed... pero syempre, walang tatalo sa emotional outbursts ko with LAND BEFORE TIME!!!! why did little foot's mom have to die?!!! WHY!!!!!!!??????? :)

Lance said...

wooohhh...enjoy na enjoy si Lenard sa littlefoot... cute kasi na mga baby dinosaurs...
I like the blood diamond too..

Anonymous said...

I liked Oro, Plata, Mata. Peque Gallaga's technique, asthetics, concept is not the typical filipino director style. At least for this movie. But I heard from many critics that Scorpio Nights is his swan song. I really REALLY want a copy of that movie. The unedited one.

Do you know where I can get a copy (VHS/CD/DVD) of Lav Diaz's movies (Batang West Side, Encantos, Hesus Rebolusyunaryo, Melancholia, Ebolusyon ng Pamilyang Pilipino) and Raya Martin's. I'm VERY interested in seeing their movies. They're, I heard, the next generation of great filipino directors.

- Mr. Scheezcake

sunny said...

land before time and blood diamond! astig!

Semaj Desenro said...

isa lang yung alam ko na pelikula dyan

at yun ay ang oro plata mata, natatandaan ko pa noong pinanood kami niyan ng propesor ko sa major subject namin

Trip said...

i saw "august rush" on cable and it made us glued to our seats. na-miss tuloy namin iyung gym. hehehe

nasaan na pala iyung ipapahiram mo? hehehe

jericho said...

talagang kukumpletuhin mo 100? karir toh! hehe

Sexymoi said...

yahoo.... blood diamond.. i love that movie aside from the fact that i so so love leonardo dicaprio, it has great story line and it showed how some people can take advantage of other's poverty.

--weeh nosebleed english! hahaha

ika said...

ung pic ninenok sa kabayancentral. lol.

land before time would enter my top 20 films.

ung iba for further deliberation.

dazedblu* said...

Whew, I lurve this batch.. Oro Plata is the best local film ever!!!

Yossi and Jagger, was actually familiar to me pero I don' think napanood ko na siya.

August Rush is an awesome film, probably one of my contemporary faves.

Sarong Banggi I just heard this one is good, and lastly Blood Diamond... man, this is superb as in from casting, plot, storyline and the cinematography... probably one of the best films of 2006, along with The Queen and Pan's Labrynth.

Yj said...

the spanish apartment... i fell inlove with this movie not only because audrey was in it but the fact that i saw it during my first year in a foreign country, when i was strugling to fit in.


yung yossi and jagger mukhang interesante. :P

Abou said...

huwaw i ba base ko na dito sa listahan mo kapag manonood ako ng pilikula

joaqui_miguel said...

I'll hunt some of those title like what I promised to do with 100-91.

Surprised to see August Rush this early, though.

the donG said...

finally may mga alam na ako dito sa batch na to. paborito ko rin dati ang land before time. yung iba hindi ko pa napapanood. hindi ako masyadong nakakapanood ng tagalog movies.

~Kinesics said...

I have seen them all except Oro Plate Mata. YES, I have seen Madrasta and Pusong Mamon!!!

I love love love The Blood Diamond and Dancer in the Dark!

I am liking your list so far! :)


Will Shady said...

That's a movie I wanted to see, August Rush. I gotta check that one out. Wish I could watch the others but most are foreign films. For me, anyways. *sigh* Nice movie list though.

Wandering Wonder Bra said...

Dumaan..pero di nagbasa.. mga 3 days ganito name ko.. uso eh

Wandering Wonder Bra said...

baka mag movie review din ako.. uso din kasi eh..

Colbourn Family said...

awwww, land before time, reminds me of my childhood days bigtime.

yoshke said...

Madrasta is the only Shawie movie you liked? You seen Crying Ladies? Hehe.

Yossi and Jagger, haha, that's my friend Andre's fave film. haha.

Sarong Banggi... Seriously? Top 100? Seriously? Hehehe. I liked it, too. But I wouldnt really include it to my Top 100. :P

RONeiluke, RN said...

i love august rush!!! kanina ko lang xa napanood and i was really wowed!!!

there were no dull moments and the musical scoring was bloody great! i was amazed by the musical sequences...

my favorite part was when he stumbled upon the choir. the little girl's voice was ridiculous! so great!

simple story yet very moving :)

i like this set... :)

Coldman said...

gusto ko yung August Rush!!!!

Chyng said...

super random ang list!

damdamn said...

ngayon lang ako napadaan ulit! ok may listahan na ako ng mga da-download ko.. salamat!! ahahaha! hintayin ko pa yung iba mong post.. yehey!

bulitas said...

salamat salamat sa list at may mga mahahanap na naman akong mga pelikula.

the spool artist said...

bjork was absolutely amazing in dancer in the dark! a sad, poignant movie but it really is a must-watch!

thanks for the rest of the list... i am hunting our DVD suppliers this afternoon for the titles (goodluck kung may mahanap akong pinoy movie! hahaha)

yoshke said...

and maganda rin yung "Minsan Minahal Kita" ni Mega!

Aethen said...

I downloaded August Rush two months ago, that was August. Napaiyak tuloy ako the sincerity and the simple musical story of how the people found each other thru music the hear in their hearts. a must watch film!

TheScud said...

loved august rush. bumili pa nga ako ng soundtrack. :-)

sarong banggi is heartbreaking. and the theme song rocks!

dancer in the dark. wala akong masabi kundi ang galing. :-)

madrasta is one of sharon's better movies. i liked crying ladies and minsan minahal kita more.

pusong mamon and blood diamond. pretty good movies. i don't think i'd include these in my 100 best films though.

btw, ang sipag mo gumawa ng list. gagawa din ako. pag may oras. :-)


AMEN to August Rush