Saturday, November 8, 2008

my top 100 favorite films (100-91)

i was in college when i first discovered my interest with movies: and up to this very moment, that same movie still marks a lot of things in me. i remember after that screening, i found myself, digging among video shop boxes, stall along streets and even in what i deemed to be as my fantasy land---quiapo. eventually, i developed the eye for a good movie (ehem!), atleast for my taste.
for years, i have been diligently collecting movies, most of which are foreign ones that have either an alternative or art genre. probably, if i haven't been that kind of lending these to friends(?), i already have a whole closet of vcds and dvds that you may mistake me for a pirated dvd seller.
just recently, as i was browsing some blog sites, i found this interesting blog. in one of yoshke's post, he posted his 50 all time favorite films which i really enjoyed. thus, being the gaya-gaya and competitive me, i have decide to list down my top 100 favorite films.

100. perfumed nightmares (1977)

it stars the same writer and director eric de guia or popularly known in the artist circle as kidlat tahimik. it tells the story of a young lad who wandered life from stowing away from his rural village in the cordillera mountains and went to manila and paris. then went back to his home after realizing how lonely his dreams were.

i say:if you have atleast three hours and a good attention span to spare, you might want to check this film. this is one of the earliest "indie" film, we have in the country, that will definitely challenge and escalate your imagination and indie point level to the sky.

99. jeux d'enfant (child's play: love me if you dare, 2003)
(romance, drama)
a story of two misunderstood kids who found themselves at each other's side through a "simple" game of dare until they grew up. eventually, they have realized the things they were betting were already their hearts.

i say:twistedly insane! probably, if i have a friend like this, i would just keep our friendship as a long distance one. in addition, no more carousel for me.

98. sleeping dictionary (2003)
a story of an englishman, who took over his father's work and rendered the service of sarawak native, who sleeps with him and teach him the native language. until the two eventually began defining what a forbidden love is.

i say:one of the sexiest and informative films i have seen. never saw jessica alba this appealing and sexy. it was so effortless.

97. lost in translation (2003)
(comedy, drama)
a man struggling loneliness, alienation and complete culture change in a busy city of japan.i say:despite, its good story and portrayals, i will still not recommend this to someone who is living alone in the metro, during a gloomy and idle sunday afternoon.

96. beyond borders (2003)
(action, drama, romance)
the movie depicts the life of an international aid worker and how she struggle helping other peoples' lives and her own.

i say:inspiring! my breath just stopped for a full 30 seconds, while watching a toddler innocently playing a thrown grenade.

95. invisible circus (2001)
a struggle of a woman in understanding her sister's mysterious death.

i say: the first film that made me love the versatility of the hollywood actress and supermodel, cameron diaz.

94. ikiru (1952)
it tells the monotonous and unfulfilling life of a bureaucrat and how it changed after learning he has stomach cancer.

i say: if you feel that you have already living the time of your life, try watching this film and tell me that again.

93. the laramie project (2002)
(documentary, drama)

The film narrates the story of the aftermath of the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming, who was brutally murdered by two men who mistakenly perceived the victim as sexually seducing them.

i say:one of the most monumental event in human history that gave way to the issues of gender awareness and equity around the world.before mounting the event to a film, it was first seen as plays, books and even gave inspiration for the hbo tv hit, angels in america.

92. tortilla soup (2001)
depicts the story of a mexican american chef and his three daughters. despite the chef's loss to taste, he still continued to cook lavishing meals for his family. while her daughters search for something that will fill their losing sense of fulfillment.

i say:you'll forget the word diet after watching this. but definitely you'll love the word family more.

91. iron ladies (2000)
a true story of a successful volleyball players in thailand, which was all composed of homosexuals. how they strived to dominate the sport, despite the discrimination and ridicule being thrown to them.
i say: funny, witty and inspiring.


Chyng said...

whoa! seriously, na-rate mo ang 100 films? mejo effort to ah!

I likey Iron Ladies! Scary pa yung nakalaban nila sa championship ng volleyball, mukhang gangsters! hehe

Lance said...

can we download these from the net? upload mu nalang...hehehe
or better yet, make an online store for your dvd collections..i'm sure to grab a copy..;)

gillboard said...

isa lang ang napanuod ko dito sa list na to.

Tristan Tan said...

Naku dumugo naman ang ilong ko sa listahan na to... haha pero in fairness may napanood ata ako dito at least two... ang kaso... may memory gap na ko at d ko na sila maalala!

I will wait for the next 90 so I can compare my alta (nosebleed) level on your list. ;)

Juice said...

i LOVE Tortilla Soup! :)

amicus said...

i haven't watched any of your 91-100 favorite films! waaaah!

RONeiluke, RN said...

nako naman..isa lang yata ang napanood ko dito. hehehe! yung 'lost in translation' at natulugan ko pa yun. cinephile ka pala ewik...

peace out!

joaqui_miguel said...

I'm interested to watch some of the titles you have on your list. :)

the spool artist said...

i did watch lost in translation - sophia ford coppola is a brilliant director! i also fell in love with the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel because of this shit.

and also Beyond Borders! Tumatayo ang balahibo ko rin dito kasi I live in Cambodia where the setting is! It's very emotionally draining nga lang... wow, can't wait for the rest of your bests!

Mugen said...

Shame to me, wala man lang akong alam ni isa sa film na nilagay mo.

odin hood said...

lost in translation lang napanood ko dyan.

bukod sa beyond borders and laramie project, the rest ay never heard!

Sexymoi said...

i watched beyond borders... kakaiyak nga yung part na nag aaway sila for the food.. :(

~Kinesics said...

I have seen them all except the one on the 100th spot. :)

I'm excited to see the continuation of the list!


the donG said...

wow! ang tiyaga mo talaga. kaya ako bumili na lang ng book na compilation ng mga palabas. tapos hinilight ko na lang mga nagugustuhan kong palabas. siguro tama rin lang na gawin ko na ang top 100 ko.

sa mga nalista mo ngayon sa unang batch halos wala akong alam. kaya buti na rin at nabasa ko ito.

yoshke said...

loooooooved mababangong bangungot. but i dont wanna watch it again. haha. just not the type of film id watch over and over again.

coppola's a genius. lost in translation. heaven. made me wanna watch virgin suicides. pero hindi ako makakita kopya. haha

Aracir said...

heheh ok to, mga 4 films lang yata ang familiar ako dito.. gusto ko tuloy gumawa din.. kaso titingnan ko pa yung movie notebook ko na hanggang ngayon ay buhay pa..

maganda yung idea ni dong na gumamit ng compilation book...

Mr said...

@Yoshke - May kopya ako ng Virgin Suicides. Hehehe =)

Mr. Scheezcake

yoshke said...

^^^ willing to lend your copy? haha

dazedblu* said...

Ohheemgeez, this is yer kewlest idea. I love three of yer fave movies, and tht would be sleeping dictionary, lost in translation and iron ladies.. xD

May gawd, superrr effort huh?!?! Kamusta nman? Hehehe

macoy said...

di kaya abutin ka ng 2009 bago mo matapos list mo? :D

TheScud said...

here are my thoughts on some of the movies in your list:

1. ive always wanted to watch mababangong bangungot
but couldn't find a copy. :-(

2. i loved lost of translation. this is the only movie, i think, that i so badly did not want the lovers to sleep together. and the ending was kickass. ang galing!