Friday, November 14, 2008

my top 100 favorite films (80-71)

80. 50 first dates (2004) the film tells the story about a woman (drew barrimore) suffers who memoryry loss up to the point of her accident, everytime she wakes up de to an accident. and how a man (adam sandler) have struggled to win her heart each day.

i say: how will you love someone who forgets everything the next day? simple, love as if its always your first.

79. magic temple (1996) and magic kingdom (1997)
the adventure of three teenagers as they journey to magical places and meet incredible creatures. in the amidst of their quest, they will find out the meaning of life, independence, love and friendship.

i say: two of peque gallaga's best movie contributions in the philippine film industry. the movie is well thought and probably set the standard of fantasy movies in the country.

78. the elephant (2003)
based from a true story about what was thought to be a simple highschool american life and how it was changed.

i say: the film is extremely slow paced and it is also noticeable how the film was extended in order to fit for a film length movie.

77. tick tock lullabies (2007)
the story of two lesbian couples who have put their relationship, one step ahead--- deciding to have a baby. but in order to do so, they need to lure a man to impregnate one of them. little they know, the complications behind the plan they have in mind.

i say: a breath of fresh air when it comes to kesbian independent movies.

76. brother's grimm (2005)
one of the classic children fairytale come to life. the movie tells the story of a mysterious disappearance of children in a remote village. and how two brothers have unravelled this mystical enigma.

i say: the production was marvelously created and both heath ledger and monica belluci were perpetually delighting in the eyes.

75. babae sa break water (2003)
considered as one of the eye opening movies in the philippines. it highlighted the pictures of manila that have been kept hidden from the eyes of the mass audience.

i say: unbelievablly real but definitely a good dose of reality.

74. ferngully: the last rain forest (1992)
an animated film that tells the story about an inquisitive and mischievous fairy named crysta as she help to save her beloved ferngully, a rainforest.

i say: i was already an environmentalist as such a young age because of this movie.

73. 300 (2006)
a story about a troop of spartan warriors who valantly fought the massive army of the persians, to protect their culture and polis (city-state)

i say:the story is too believable to become a of the finest 3G animation for me. the details and crisp of its visual effect was remarkably astounding. a must watch!

72. bata, bata, paano ka ginawa? (1999)
the story of a woman who struggled to voice out her right in a male dominated environment. and how she struggled to teach her children, both with different fathers, how their situation is no different from anybody else.

i say: the best vilma santos movie for me. in my opinion, greater than relasyon, sister stella L, and burlesk queen. for it unfolds several feminist issues in a newly emerging filipino contemporary setting.

71. apocalypto (2006)
the film narrates the story of jaguar paw, a hunter who lives outside the great mayan civilization. how he and his village people were captured as sacrifices to prevent a prophecy of their civilization's fall.

i say: this will definitely test your tolerance with gore and your open mindedness with the topic of the primitive man.


Chyng said...

:: ultimate ataters pag may new entry ka

uhm, 50 first dates. di ako natuwa! i beliv mapapagod din si adam sandler na ipaalala araw-araw yun!

opcors 300, lahat ng lalake sa GYM dumerecho after the movie! haha INSEKYORA!

gillboard said...

nagtataka ako at nasa listahan ang brothers grimm, eh di naman siya kagandahan masyado. tas mas mataas pa sa 50 first dates.

Oh well, kanya-kanyang taste yan. At napanood ko karamihan sa listahan mo ngayon.


~Kinesics said...

I saw all the films you have mentioned here except movie #72, 75, and 79! :(


RONeiluke, RN said...

i just love 'elephant' made me grow interest and fascination with artfilms..very raw..hehe! watched it again a week ago...even my banner came from the movie! haha!

apocalypto: mel gibson did a great job on this one. the savagery is so real!

and of course 300! i love the effects! "bloody" brillian!

i love this set!!!

Anonymous said...

magic temple (1996) and magic kingdom (1997)
the adventure of three teenagers as they journey to magical places and meet incredible creatures. in the amidst of their quest, they will find out the meaning of life, independence, love and friendship.


yoshke said...

hindi rin ako masyado natuwa sa 50 first dates.

AT panalo ka, kasama yung FernGully. haahahaha.

Nasa list ko rin ang Elephant at BataBata. :D

Mr. Scheez said...

Babae sa Breakwater is one of Mario O'Hara's (one of the most underrated Filipino film directors in history) best films.

Nonoy Revillame's songs/music fits very well in this film. It also works as a transition from one part of the film to the other.

joaqui_miguel said...

50 first dates.. I like. :)

harmonie said...

i like the 50 first dates, kaya lang yung ibang part parang impossible mangyari sa totoong buhay. 300 is definitely one for the boys.

Mugen said...

You've finally mentioned the first international film that I reviewed.

kalansaycollector said...

go magic kingdom at temple. hehe

TheScud said...

wow. elephant is included in your list. konti lang ata nakakaalam sa movie na yan which is a bummer since its a great movie. plus na rin siguro ang beethoven sonata. :-)