Wednesday, November 26, 2008

my top 100 films (60-51)

60. duda/doubt (2003)

what life will be ahead for someone who have had sex with 1001 for a year, then finally decided to settle and tied himself to commitment?

i say: like most cris pablo films, very good screenplay. but lack in direction, portrayals and executions.

59. power rangers the movie (1995)

five teenagers destined to protect the whole word and even the entire universe.
i say: cmon! don't tell me you didn't cry to your parents to see this in the big screen before. i even bet you moved as if you were red lion!

58. getting to know you

a shortfilm that tells the story of a lesbian cartoonist and her quest of finding the right partner. after engaging in a steamy chat and phone conversation with an acquiantance she met from her bestfriend's bachelorette's party, she will learn that there are a lot of surprising things at the back of everything she sees---and feels.

getting to know you -

i say: one of the few lesbian films i really enjoyed. very, very witty.

57. lost in beijing

the film tells the story of two couples intertwined not with lame concept of fate rather by the real face of poverty, lust, infidelity and greed.

i say: moving and too realistic to be true...

56. magnifico

tells the story of an innocent boy who keeps a positive spirit that lifts the morale of everyone around him, despite the burden of poverty casted upon him.

i say: the movie that made or considered jiro manio as a gifted child. i just can't stop myself from crying after watching this film...

55. brokeback mountain

two alabaman cowboys hired to look for a herd of sheeps. isolated from everybody else, the two found something that they will forever keep along those mountains.

i say: 8 words that keeps on running in my head whenever i hear this film, "i wish i knew how to quit you."

54. carmen

set in medieval spain, it tells the story of a woman named carmen and how she have used her beauty to make every man in the plot, who is in control.

i say: the movie was too strong and moving that you'll forget sex--- but in second thought...hahaha!

53. wild side

a story of a transexual prostitute and how he deals with his relationship to his customer, lovers and his mother.

i say: disturbing. i breathe of fresher but more pungent air.

52. mumbaki

what happens if a native cordilleran went to the lowlands and pursue a career as a doctor and was needed tor eturn back to pursue his fate to be the next mumbaki (native medicine man)? how will he combine two concepts without sacrificing or crossing the other?

i say: the movie that gave the lowlands a closer look of the cordilleran culture through a popular media.

51. bangkok love story

an ironic lovestory that was formed between an assasin and the victim, and the life running at the background: the life inside the bangkok ghetto.

i say: a story that will make you realized that at the end there is no one really to blame.


Chyng said...

hi eric!

I'd like to say something abt magnifico and bangkok love story, pero natawa ko sa DUDA. (this is the first of the many so lahat tayo may vcd nito. and i supposed kasama tlga cia sa list) I was actually betting na nasa top 50 mo to. Well I was wrong, 60 lang cia. hahaha

Kiks said...

this is crazy.... me listahan. hehehe.

i dont know if i am going to like duda.

nakakapnduda talaga sya.

makoy said...

now i am wondering.. about your sexuality.!

Mel said...

jusme baket ngayon lang ako nakadaan dito? omg haha!

kamust ana ewik?

Abou said...

i like mumbaki

gillboard said...

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers!!! Napanuod ko 'to nung high school ako. As in parang The Rock at Independence Day to. Di ka 'in' kung di mo napanuod to. hahaha

mel beckham said...

Surprised to see Magnifico this early in the list. So is Munting Tinig in the previous. Pinaka-surprising ang Power Rangers. But who am I to complain. Hahaha

go go go!

carl said...

i love duda. wala lang. ^_^

kumusta naman daw ang paga-archive mo ng favorites, ang dami ha. at ang sosyal.

jamie da vinci! said...

loved brokeback! simple, powerful and not sleezy at all! :) never would have guessed ang lee could restrain himself from injecting some kung-fu action in the film... hai-YAH!

re: carmen, was this just a film or you saw the opera-turned movie version? just wondering.

estan said...

i haven't seen most but I would agree that lost in beijing is one beautiful and moving film.

Mugen said...

Mumbaki is actually based on Nick Joaquin's Summer Solstice short story. :)

Denis said...

apir tayo jan for magnifico

Aethen said...

I like mumbaki. it exposes the culture of the people in the lowland.

is "Ploning" included in your list? hehe.

the donG said...

ayos ah. kasama pa ang power rangers. hehehe...