Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my top 100 favorite films (70-61)

70. moulin rouge (2001) a musical film that tells the love story of a poet and beautiful cortesan: and how their love is being interfered with the love of a rich duke to the cortesan.i say: magnificent production and enchanting songs. it will make you "wanna groove".

69. moreno (2007)
one of cris pablo's collection of digital gay films that tells the story of a gay man who escape his complicated relationship in manila and set to work with his friend in lake sebu, mindanao. there, they both work as an NGO employee that tries to unravel the mysterious suicide trends among young girls. i say: the only film in his collection that tackled women rights as well.

68. identity (2003)
a story of seven characters that were trap in one setting. the chase of outwitting one another that ended up in a unthinkable conclusion.i say: if this was the first time you see such twist you'll be amazed of it.

67. sabel (2004)the story of a simple woman who has a complicated life. it highlighted how a woman struggled her life in a male dominated society and how she found love in irony.i say: subtly done but nicely executed.

66. the village (2004)
a story of a simple village with a hidden secret.

i say: the movie reaffirmed the claim that there is no such thing as utopia as mush as you want to push it. very very realistic with a very wicked twist!

65. an american tail (1986)an animated film that tells the story of mouse and his family in the journey of reaching "home". i say: one of my favorite animated film that subtly discusses the issue of migration... no wonder i am like this.
64. munting tinig (2002)
the story about a newbie teacher who was assigned to a remote barrio, as a replacement for another teacher who resigned and took the chance of going abroad to make a better living. the movie displayed the struggles, tactics and the life of a filipino teacher in accordance with his/ her dream to teach.
i say: i am not a happy ending movie goer. although this movie goes under those kinds and the ending was to good to be true, i think it was still justifiable since the movie was already too depressing too watch, it balances it out.

63. thirteen (2003
the film tells the story how two simple and sweet girls explores her adolescence.

i say: alarming, disturbing and full of reality. this made me think if i still want to have a child.

62. frida (2002)
the true story of frida callo, one of the greatest woman painters in the world that believes art is not only for art sake. but also a good instrument of awakening people from their reality.

i say: inspiring. this movie made me fell in love with salma hayek even more!

61. 3 iron (2004)
a story of young lad who break inside houses for a night or two. then look for something to repair as a token of appreciation to the unknowing host. until one day, he stumbled upon a house from which the host needs more than repairing.
i say: this is the evolution of silent films. beautifully crafted, simple production but with a very outstanding story. a must see.


Looking For The Source said...

identity >> fave ko to. nakakagulat.

gentle said...

yes, agree ako sayo, looking for the source, identity is one of my favorites too. thanks for posting it, wandering commuter! grabe nga ang twist nito. chaka pareho pa kame ng birthday nung 10 characters. that made it more special for me.

~Kinesics said...

I have seen it all except #69 and #67.

Guess what? I saw #64...I think it was shown here during the Asian Arts Festival a couple years ago.

3 IRON is one of my favorites!!!

You are almost done! :)


Mr. Scheez said...

I love Thirteen and Frida. Both Holly Hunter and Salma Hayek were nominated for a Best Actress plum in the Academy Awards for these films.

The Village is one of M. Night Shamaylan's most disappointing films. Actually he only has one successful film and that is The Sixth Sense and every other film after that is all BLAH.

Abou said...

gustong ko makita yang 3 Iron. sounds interesting

dabo said...


hehehe peace

pahiram ng the prince ni n. machiavelli..libre kita ng ice berg pag nakabawai na ako.. U

RONeiluke, RN said...

i agree with moulin rouge! best musical movie for me so far :)

the village din! ang galing nung twist! i just love m. knight' vision in making a movie..except sa 'the signs'--nakornihan ako eh! hahaha!

gillboard said...

Mukhang interesting yung Iron.

An American Tail. Favorite ko yan nung bata ako... Umiiyak pa ko nung nagkakantahan sila ng Somewhere Out There.

joaqui_miguel said...

Moulin Rouge this early?

I was hoping it will come up in a much later entry.

mel beckham said...

Dear Ewik,

So far, so good. Your choices are definitely pinag-isipan. I can imagine how grueling it must be for you but since this is your passion, I'm sure you are enjoying this.
Ngayon, as much as I love you and what you're doing here, I expect my top 3 favourite movies in the top 10.

-A Walk To Remember
-Mean Girls
-To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar

Thanks Ewik.

With much love for you,


Chyng said...

Identity- 2x ko pinanood. Di ko naintindihan nung una! haha

Moulin Rouge. haaay. ...the hills are alive in the sound of music...

yan ang isa sa earliest parts ng Musical.


The Village was ok... but I got the twist of it even before it ended...


Regards kay B

bulitas said...

3 iron for the win!
i had goosebumps after watching that movie!

Niel Camhalla said...

I definitely missed out on a lot of good movies (like 3 Iron based on the comments) and wasted money on others. Some movies have something important to tell but I didn't like how Moreno told the story.

the donG said...

astig ang the village. yung moulin rouge hindi ko pa napapanood. yung iba hindi masyadong familiar. yung american tail nalimutan ko na ang kwento.

Denis said...

affirmative on Sabel

Mr. Scheez said...

Is this ranked?!

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Yung Thriteen, Moreno, Mga Munting Tinig, Sabel ay mga napanood ko...

Magaganda talaga... Hehe :)

yoshke said...

LOOOOOOOOOVET. Si Direk Joey yung nagsabe sa'min na panoorin namin 'to para sa scriptwriting class namin.

Moulin Rouge
My Nicole. Nuffsaid.

The Village
GRABE. Days after mapanood 'to, hindi pa rin ako over sa twist. hahaha.

Mahal ko si John Cusack. Mahal na mahal. LOL.