Wednesday, October 31, 2007

lies, plain and simple

how much is honesty, nowadays?
is it really hard to be honest?
how come you're more prone in lying or easier to lie to somebody you're closed with than to an acquaintance?
or is just the intensity of dishonesty that varies depending on which person is involved?
before, a close friend told me that there are times when you need to lie for goodness sake; that is why there is what we call white lies. but for me, i never believed in the benefits of lying. dark lies, white lies, gray lies(?) they are still lies. bottom line, everybody is entitled to know the truth, even if the order is at stake. because nobody can better prepare a person of what's ahead of him if truth will be denied.

well, i wouldn't wash my hands by saying i don't lie because i could give you a million instances where i lied, right now. but despite these, i tend to lead the person to the truth as far as i can especially if s/he is someone close to me. even if, its not my business to meddle.

it is for the reason, i know how it feels to be absolutely clueless when everybody around knows exactly what is going on. sometimes, the outcome of knowing that everybody knew the truth except from you is more hurting than knowing the thing that is being kept from you.

just like what is happening to me right now.

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Marocharim said...


Lying makes the world go round. The truth is nothing more than a lie that's only true by consequence. Recall your Machiavelli, hehe.

Anyway, I think that the reason why lying is good is because nobody can handle the truth. Why, remember what happened to me because of the damn truth?

Of course, I agree that we are all entitled to the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Anyway, read my blog later. Right now, I'm responding to e-mails from some apparently famous professors because Gino Orticio suggested them.

BTW: I have a 350-page draft. Actually, kung may copy ka ng thesis niyo dati nina dianne, pahiram naman. Halos parehas tayo ng topic eh.