Thursday, October 25, 2007

huwatdapak chronicle1

the past weekend was spent in isolation with someone, at last. we have spent the entire two days in my room watching dvds, reading books, munching stacked food and many more (*wink*). it was only our third date, technically. so nothing much to anticipate (yet).

at first i thought we would not really go along well or so i thought.

so on the day we met up, it was twisted. you know that feeling of something might be wrong with you. so you need to give or portray this certain angst to hide the things you are insecure? i immediately felt that on our first "hi" and "hello". but eventually, as time goes by we were beginning to laugh our hearts out. in other words, the cliché fold of events began until we felt really comfortable with one another and decided to meet again.

well, its been a while since i have been into a relationship and i just realized several things.

first, don't be a TOO hopeless-romantic freak.
when you are single you tend to over rate the feeling of being in a relationship. thus, sometimes you get frustrated once you are already on it.

second, don't be an egoistic, self-centred, i-am-the-only-person-in-your-life-bebe! brat lover.
do not always expect things the way you want it to be. the world would not halt and watch the ups and downs of your love life. remember, there are two of you in the relationship and you have another person to consider.

third, not all love stories are your typical feel good movies.
do not always think that having one would mean happy moments and happy endings. because most of the time, you will noticed that there will be more arguments than 'kilig' moments.

fourth, refer not compare.
it should be a big 'no-no' to compare your relationship to others. especially if your going to compare it to love stories from books, tv series and films. you're love story is not fictionized nor fabricated. since no two persons are exactly the like, no two relationships will go, prosper or end exactly the same as may refer other set ups or stories for you to be able to get some tips on how to either keep it going or throw it away. but never expect yours to fall or ought to fall on how the other story goes.

finally, just enjoy and go with the flow.
it is already self-explanatory. bow!

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