Friday, October 26, 2007

planning pagudpod

every semestral break, me and my block mates would head off to the beach. this year, they've planned to go to pagudpod and for me, its a two week preparation.

although i've stayed in baguio and heard a lot of great things about the place, i've never been there. so i immediately filed vacation leaves for a week at work. ever since then, i kept on checking on my account whether or not they were approved: just to know that they weren't.

my anticipation for hitting the ilocos' sands and sun just crumbled down. in my surprise as well, i just recently found out that i am officially (financially) broke. i have reached my credit limit and only have enough cash until the next pay out.

i am totally devastated.

suddenly, my friends kept on texting me regarding my confirmation for the trip. when i've said i cannot go, they were kind enough to adjust the plans in such a way that i will be able to join them. i just can't hate them. but on the back of my head, i wouldn't really enjoy it if it would only be two days of my off. since it is a 8-10 hour one-way road trip that we were talking about here. it means once i reach pagudpod, i will just have to soak myself like a duck in the sea then hit the road back to manila again. it would be quite pathetic isn't it? so, i still need to fix some things on my end for me to able to join them. i gave them a pending response until the actual date.

but last night, while thinking of what to do for the trip, my supervisor called me. she told me she was worried on how my work was going. she have noticed that i easily get irritated these past weeks that it is affecting my work as well as my relations to some fellow co-workers.

"i am in deep trouble," i said to myself.

she even warned me that the next time she catch me with a loose temper at work, she'll not hesitate to give me a citation.

"bring it on! i would really love that," i could feel the mixture of frustration started building arrogance in me. but obviously being professional, you shouldn't voice it out.

then suddenly, she began to inform me how she was impressed the first time she handled me. she even recalled how she talked to her senior supervisor when she heard that i was about to resign because of schedule disputes. she considered me as a lost goldmine for the company if they would accept my resignation. thus, they've compromised regarding my schedules. since it was the only thing that was messing up with my academic and social life that time. i accepted the offer.

on that moment, i felt a little guilt on me when she said these. how could i forget that? considering, it would probably the nicest thing a person from work have done for me (disclaimer: i am not anti-social).

moreover, she advised me to get a vacation because she is thinking that i am just burned out with work. now, she have opened it up. i immediately raised my concerns regarding the denied leaves i have filed. i told her my pagudpod plans and asked if there is any possibility that they could grant the succeeding day after my two day offs. she immediately accompanied me to our staffing department and approved it herself. the guilt in me grew bigger. but i could still see a smile on the side of my lips. i just can't thank her enough. on second thoughts, i now owe her a lot (hehehe).

while the financial constraints was easily settled. i just can't wait for this

coming weekend. here i come pagudpod.


dean said...

enjoy your trip!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

malayoooooooooooooooo ang pagudpod, unless taga pagudpod ka mismo :-)

have fun anyway!