Friday, October 12, 2007

this week's guilty pleasure

i know, i have previously claimed that i really despise eating in fast food chains. but recently was an exception.

while, looking for a place to eat out along katipunan. i found jollibee as the closest i could be: considering my financial constraints, the food in the menu list, the people who hang out and mcdonalds, ofcourse. so i doubtedly entered the establishment and check for something to munch on.

"oh, there goes the manager."

but i thought of having something light.

"the atenista on the next table was too pale though."

my taste buds were requesting diversity, combinations and perfect mixture.

"the entire crew will be fine. but they were too busy entertaining customers"

but i didn't lose hope.

then suddenly, ALAS! i found one.

from that point, the usual hunger gradually turned into a severe addiction. i just realized that it together with a particular combo meal, were a perfect combination. it already became a part of my dining pleasure---three times a day and i just can't stop.

form that moment i knew, my dining pleasure will never be the same again. although the conscience and my built was beginning to stalk me, the appetite and the craving was too intense that at the end it was just total submission. i just can't resist.

the culprit???

beware: view (and taste) at your own risk

jollibee's macaroni salad solo


southdude said...

Ako naman nagflash sa aking isipan ay yung chili con burger nila!

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha...kainan na!