Sunday, October 14, 2007

the NGO debate: i never thought you could have these kind of conversation over sms

early this morning, i was conversing with a friend from los baños working at a local NGO there. i admire the fact that after graduation he decided to take a NGO work instead of going in manila to make a higher living. somehow, i find my envious and guilty of the fact that i wasn't able to pursue such noble profession.

before i entered college, it never came to me to work for a NGO. low salary, small office space, fieldwork among slum and remote areas, and bunch of paper works. but when i held my diploma after graduating i saw the other face of life. a different story i have never heard before, that was the time i opened myself to the possibility of working for a NGO. but (there is another but again) in a flick of chances, i pursued a different profession. a job your not that as proud to answer, everytime somebody from college would ask you, "san ka na? san ka na nagtratrabaho?"

that is why i admired this man for taking the profession atleast for himself and mostly for other. until this morning.

you: nwei, alis aq maya2x, bday clbration ng opism8 q, aq taya sa lumpia, un n dw treat q sa unang sweldo q sa foundation DUH

me: hahaha.kinonsider talaga ang salary sa celebration.hehe.

you: kainis nga e kakarampot na nga lang sweldo ko ineExpect p q mgpakain. buTi n lang patapos n contract q or bka d q n matapos

me: hehe.baka naman ayaw lang nila maleft out ka.

you: sus, d un ang nakikita q. ala tlaga clang kOnsiderasyon. gusto q nga mgrebeldE e.

me: hidni kaya, masyado ka lang pesimistic or better yet bitter sa mga trabaho nila?

you: bkt naman aq mgGng bitTer?pesimistic?i dont think s0.

me: ok. i stand back at my ground. sorry. well. i just find it nice to be invited. apleasure to cook for a friend on her birthday. kung marunong lang ako. don't you?

you: i find it as mandatory hndi invitation. hay naku, ewan q. bsta ang gusto q n lang mangyari e makaAlis n s foundation na yan.

me: well. atleast now i know.NGO is not that as fun and noble as i think it was then.

you: its a noble job kaya lang im nOt geTting d ryt benEfits dat i shud receive, ngaun n q nkKramdam ng frustrations.

me: what are your so-called'benefits" then? to compare to the people your helping sa NGO na yan?

you: erik, d k mfrustra8 qng sweldo m lang e 217 per day and freE lunch lng mqQHA m0?c0nsidrng dat u r a dEGREe holdER?

me: believe me, a good or atleast a stable salary won't make you happy and contented inside. this is coming from experience. your a degree holder right?! but the other thing is it came from UP. now, and coming from the proudest UP alumna i know. isn't that your claim quite ironic? sorry di kita just making a point of a sudden realization.

you: i kn0w mejo lumhs n q s pRncpyo q dati, buT narealize q lng dn n unfair ung gngawa skin, nwei, mtatapos n contrct q at aAlis n q s knila, nid to find a new j0b.

me: isipin mo na lang unfair ang lahat sa buhay. kung lahat ay fair. narealize ko that is not life.

you: 0o nga. s0brang unfair.

me: U

you: ge

me: sarapan mo na lang ang pagluto para atleast kahit unfair ang buhay masarap pa in ang lumpia...

argh, how poetik, putik!!!

you:my choice b q, auq naman maphiya at malait luTo q..

me: everyone has a choice sabi nga ni sue richards kay silver surfer...ano daw???

you's contract in the foundation will end this month. but currently he is already travelling from los baños to makati to find job and work interviews. hopefully, he will still be able to finish his contract not for the NGO. but atleast, for the people he is helping with.

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miss you laham.. sobra as in.. na nakakalungkot na..=(