Friday, November 2, 2007


i miss having going out with friends. talking about almost everything under the sun. discussing life, our lives and other peole's lives. laughing, griefing and goofing around.
i miss those days were we never mind the consequences of time ahead of us. it is always the present that matters. it is always what we do that we value and think of.
childish as it may seems, but there happiness rests. happiness not only in the context of pure joy and laughter. but happiness magnified with the outcome of both happiness and grief of each of our life experiences.
lately, i've noticed that my world is beginning to become smaller and smaller everyday. it is just constrained within the spaces of work and my room. i really cannot tell if this is a conscious matter or not. because i must admit that often times, i would reject my friends' invitations to go out. for the very reason that i have already accepted that something has changed and that something is ought to change.

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