Thursday, October 4, 2007

a friend named andy

(out of an indirect request to write a friend his biography)

andy is a good friend of mine, way back in my college years. like most of my closest (college) friends, he was three years older than me. i met him when i joined a theater group in baguio. he was the incumbent secretary-general. he was silent, soft-spoken and very-introverted or so i thought. he paints and sketches very very well and i mean really really well. now can you see how good he is? huh? huh?
initially, the reason why i joined the group was because they are looking for visual artists. i find it a very good venue to still maximize my interest. since i was taking a course different from the field i am interested with. fortunately, i passed the audition and immediately transfered to the visual arts pool.
one day, when andy actually showed us one of his works. i felt really intimidated and eventually doubted why i am there. the brush and pen strokes of his pieces were in the verge of mere perfection. colors were distributed evenly and lively. shadings and other effects were jaw dropping because it was so realistic. basically, the totality of his works just made me sketch privately and away from his view.

nonetheless, i noticed despite this wonderful talent, he remained humble and away from most of the members. he never bothered talking to us. we merely know anything from him aside from his name, course and his position in the organization. most of the time, we could caught him day dreaming, alone and out of his senses. that was the point we realized, he was depressed.
we never exactly knew the reason why, even the old members would not tell us the cause. but like cats do it, our curiousity eventually lead us to those answers.

since he is my friend, i won't go further to any more details. its his story to tell. basically, he was dealing with a very traumatic experience for the very first time in his life during those days. it was not easy i am telling you and in a way i understood him.

after i knew it, the interaction were like those days when you wanted to initiate in offering your shoulder to someone in need. but you can't simply do it because you don't really know him, personally. mere understanding was not enough. sympathizing and empathizing were out of the question. and all you can actually do was to smile whenever you will cross each other's way. indirectly telling him, you are there to listen. just in case he wanted to.

on the following year, andy filed an honorable dismissal in the university and decided to pursue another course in the lowlands. i never heard anything from him again. one of his closest friend mentioned that, he is taking another course which i thought would be related in fine arts. but it actually was not.

from that point, i never heard anything from him again.

years passed and i finally graduated. i decided to go back to manila and pursue a so-called 'career' here.

because of a common (close) friend, we met again. on that point, he eventually told me what i wanted to know before, without even asking. it intensified the sleeping depression in me for him. but in a way, he made me feel that everything was all over. it was not easy because after those years after he left baguio, the same problem reoccured. harsher if i may say in his behalf. but luckily, he was able to surpass it with a great smile in his lips now. the scars will remain. but he was able to walk on and continue life with his new diploma and the same brushes, painting life with another sets of colors.

kudos to you andy.

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