Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ilocos food trip


parang beef papaitan

bitter beef soup

cheese pemiento club house sandwich mojos
(not really an ilocos specialty, hehehe)

pesto pasta
(isa pa'ng hindi rin specialty)

ilocano style 'puque-pugue'

a mixture of eggplant, tomatoes,
onions, egg and it has BROTH!
the thing that differed it from
the kapampangan puque-puque
we commonly know.

pata tim
sweetened pork thigh

fish sinigang
dorado fish in sour soup


ilocano version of sisig

ilocos lechon

the original ilocano pinakbet
which has no squash on it.


Anonymous said...

hay nakoh, naglaway lang naman ako s mga pinakita mong pagkain.....ang sarap.

Marocharim said...

That tablecloth looks familiar, and so does the pata tim. I know of this restaurant in Vigan (a few blocks' walk from the calesa stands by the city square) that has a table setting just like that. Hehe.

Anyway, as an Ilocano myself, I don't understand why a restaurant, in Ilocos of all places, would serve pinakbet without kalabasa. That would be tantamount to the good people of Gensan serving sinugba without the tuna cheeks. Just a matter of personal opinion, though.

wanderingcommuter said...

reigh: hehehe. totoo, hindi ka magugutom sa ilocos. sobrang bondat ako pagbalik ko ng manila.

marx: i forgot the name of the restaurant. its casa something. hehehe. people there actually find us weird eating pinakbet without kalabasa. hahaha...

myckochondria said...

idagdag mo jan ang cabatiti... which is patola in tagalog... apir!

jan said...

currently salivating. LOL

Ilokano food is my favee!! yuum! da best!

dean said...

tsalap naman. kakagutom!

mhao! said...

gusto ko yung sinanglaw... hehe...