Wednesday, June 6, 2007


A wandering commuter that roams around the metropolitan.
He have lots of ideas in mind that were molded by his trips.
Despite having a memory as short as a goldfish,
he have failed to write them down.
So the gold fish decided to learn, how to write.

About the goldfish:

He prefers riding jeepney, pedicab, tricycle and ordinary buses
or any other distinctly Pinoy improvised mobiles
for short distance trips.
But prefers to ride any wide, clean and airconditioned vehicles
after his latest trip to/from Bicol, for long trips.

He prefers sitting on either the window side or standing in the aisle.
He loves looking outside: looking on different places,
different faces, and different activities.

He loves the diversities of almost everything:
the magnifence of intricate details
and the complexities of simple and unnoticed subjects.

He loves creating “wild” stories and what ifs.

He is fond of looking for beauty of what is deemed
by many as unattractive or worthless
and elaborate them as special as possible.

He tends to break away from “the usual”,
“the common”, “the typical”, “the norm”,
as much as possible
because nobody could be absolute.

He admires people who doesn’t know that they are beautiful.

He appreciates things with values
not determined by their price tags.

Most of the time if he is roaming around,
he likes thinking about different things
that engage him to solitary discussion with his self.

He sets the thick lines between being rationale and insane:
as well as being sane and dogmatic.

He knows special things always emerge on simple things.

He knows a good movie has poor advertisements.
He thinks that good visual artists
could never make a straight line or use a ruler.

He thinks that coffee shops and bars
don’t sell cups of coffee and bottles of beer,
they sell nice conversations and good friendships.

He thinks that insane vagrants are the most wonderful storytellers.

He thinks prostitutes are actors in an award-winning film.

He is always in search for adventure
which he thinks everybody is:
its just that they don’t notice or would not want to recognize it.

He thinks silence produces the best form of art and wisdom.

He always believe that life could never be short
if you have a lot of memories to put into it.

He also believes that labels equate discrimination.
Labelling one’s self is the worst thing you could do for yourself
because in labelling yourself,
your limiting all the potentialities life
could offer for one’s self.

He believes that the most effective and efficent form
of both revenge and courage is being silent.

He believes that the more you anticipate on things,
the more it would not happen.

He always believe in religion but never its institutions.

He believed that Ped Xing is a street named for a Chinese hero,
who helped the Philippine revolution before.
Until he saw Rail Road Xing, Bike Xing etc. and began doubting this belief.

He believes that happiness always comes from within.

He believes that there are video cameras around him
whenever he roams around and somebody is making
a documentary film of his life.
So he makes his every movement as artistic as possible.

He believes that time is more precious than power and other riches.

He believes that reputation is more greater than
any memorial statues or history books.

He believes that everybody’s enemy have their own story
that everybody would empathize if given the chance
and handled with an open mind.

Finally, he believes that he will be able to finally, keep and update this blog.

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LonelyBeau said...

I like how you compared your self into a goldfish. Stay precious. :)