Sunday, June 17, 2007

the day I killed the clowning bee

Probably, one of the most worst thing that men have innovated would probably be the commercialized FAST FOOD chains. This is not because I chose not to eat or just simply dislike eating in a fast food restaurant, it is just for the simple reason that it's supposed to be fast service, sacrifices the quantity and quality the food that a consumer is entitled with.

For me food is one of the primary grace for every living thing: the essential element for subsistence. Thus, it should be prepared with such bountiness and nourishment on the very least cost. And this is what MOST commercialies fast food chains failed to recognized.

If you're going to roam around any metropolitan, in either key cities or provinces, it would not fail you to see atleast two fast food chains along its main streets or highways. Food business has always been an all time industry, aside from call center industry of course which is beginning to climbing itself up to the top of the list in the country. Most entrepreneurs would say that it is the safest and most convenient business to engage in, that would probably explain why fast foods sporatically appears across the world like wild mushrooms on a huge dead wood. Thus, many people who are ignorant about the fact that they are beginning to get huge and even get obese. In other words, a walking blob stuffed with gas spasms and food frustrations.

Fast foods are food frustrations. Thanks to advertisements, of course. Basically, eating fast food makes you wish that they just remain as pictures on the counter. or television commercial. Because you know it at the back of your head taht 99% of the time they don't happen to look or taste like what they are projected to be once served. Not to mention, the price you have to pay just for you to be able to take hold or taste this food and that alone makes fast foods --- food frustrations.



Anonymous said...

I also do not like fastfood chains that much. They are only good if you are in a hurry.

Karinderya. Hepa. Hehehe.

Shari said...

But...I'm not exactly a fastfood chain lover. That's why I rarely eat out on fastfoods. I'd rather eat sa mga karinderya.

But I'm still fat. Haha.

sorbetera said...

Oh yeah!!! Hurrah for Mang Toots!

Is it me, or is Mang Toots a staple name in the karinderya business? As long as the one who's managing the karinderya is a man, he's called Mang Toots.

Lol. Maybe I'm just being weird.

southdude said...

Hmm you might have just convinced me to go karinderya....

But then again I think about KFC and my heart beats faster.... (and its not cardiac arrest) lolz!