Sunday, June 24, 2007


the other day, i've met some of my friends since i have nothing to do at home. they were former schoolmates in baguio and currently taking up there new course here in manila.
we've decided to meet up in as steps. while waiting, a cluster of people were chatting at the top of their voices. i can conclude they are freshmen at first glance---the enthusiastic and loud voice is already a give away. although quite annoying, you just couldn't stop yourself from eavesdropping. as if they are doing it by intention and really want the whole world to hear the absolute knowledge coming out from their divine throats. i've noticed that these are the usual trends among freshmen especially if you're in u.p: "magaling ako kasi up na ako," the first day college facade crap! although i might sound very subjective but i really observed and already left an impression on me.
anyhow, they are talking about love.
girl1: like, nangingiyak na nga ako last night. kasi parang ngayon lang naman tayo nagkakilala tapos he made an effort na magpakilala. alam mo yun. tapos hindi ko siya tinext. nakakainis.

girl2: ayyy... bakit?wala ka ba'ng load?

girl1: meron. pero wala lang hidni ko rin alam. pero like gustong gusto ko naman talaga.

girl2: so, ano sabi niya? nagtext pa ba?

girl1: wala, pero nag text na ako kaninang umaga. like nag goodmorning din siya.

huwat??? kill me please. kill me! along the conversation, i was thinking that it was actually ages since i talked about something romantic. what does it feel? what do you think? and all those chummy things. i smiled upon reminscing those moments. but upon hearing this conversation, i felt very pathetic not for the feeling but for them both.

haaay...probably its the 300% tuition fee increase.

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southdude said...

I miss college. Those were good times.