Thursday, June 21, 2007

film spoiler: ken park

today is not a good day. although to early to conclude. I failed to go to work earning me 2 attendance occurences. I am not really sure if I already reached beyond the 8 allowable attendance occurences before termination. the last time, i have updated it was already around 6. but there are some occurences i knew, that already fell off following the 6month rule (if an occurence was ommited after its sixth month it would fall off) during my freshman year in law school.
since my office would not allow me to render the hour for my tardiness, i just decided to go back home and finished my pending dvds, which happens to be the highlight of my entry.
from 6 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, i have finished 4 movies that's a good start for 3 straight rest day offs.

first movie:
ken park

the unsaid stories of typical american teens among suburban communities. often times, when we think of the us, we picture either picture new york, las vegas, hollywood or hawaii at the very least. probably some of us never knew that like the philippines, 75% of us economy actually depends on agriculture.
basically, the film portrayed different stories of american teenage suburbs, in which boys love to skate and girls like skater boys while the rest are insanely too intelligent to follow such stereotypical mediocracy.

ken park, a skater who got her girlfriend pregnant and eventually killed himself in the middle of skating rink.
shawn, another skater who is having sex with her gf's mum.
peaches, (the actress who played the character was half Filipina) a pastor's daughter who excels at school and was married to her father (who also conducted the said matrimony) after being caught going down on her boyfriend (tied on her bed).
claude, also a skater who one night realized his father was molesting him.
tate, considered the geek and was living with her typical loving grandparents which was later killed by him.
the films main theme (or i though it was) was about mediocracy and stereotypes. mediocracy pertains to people who tend to know and expert themselves about what ideals are and set its consequences as well. The oppressor and repressor so to speak, that forms the foundation of morality. but happens to be the very cracks that destroy their own foundations. on the other hand, stereotypes or the one who are being stereotyped in context, are the one who tend to break away from the norms to reconstruct the dominant and existing order.
(next movies will be on the next posts since i have nothing much to do for the next two days...hehehe).

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Ariel said...

Kelan ko kaya 'to mapapanood?

I think its gonna be a great movie. Well, at least, for me. Sociological yata ang tira nito. I'm interested...