Friday, June 22, 2007

breakfast will never be the same again

disclaimer: some may find this post really pathetic.

it was the longest time since i cried and i have made it this morning. i woke up 5:30 in the morning, pretty late for my usual wake up time. i turned on my new television care of my dull profession, which i bought it a week ago, after realizing what my dad told me.

"its been a year since you started your job. it's about time you invest something that you can call yours," he exclaimed. (well, i just love depending on you dad. hehehe.)

the side dish: luckily, that pay day, i received quite a large sum as an incentive at work. so i immediately bought myself a television, dvd player, a number of dvds and a pair of rubber shoes (for gym).
after watching and despising wendy bigtime in pinoy big brother, my favorite morning show
breakfast went on air. the entire set was covered with baloons and all of the hosts (jc quadrado, patty laurel and atom araullo) are in their formal attire. there might be something special about this show, different from the rest of the special shows they've had. can you feel how i like this show? with all the subjectivity, come on! feel it!
when i realized today was friday, "uh-oh". the rest of the pieces sank it: magandang pilipinas will be replaced and atom aurullo will move there to do a segment. would this be there last episode?
then patty laurel exclaimed," today is graduation day celebrating 9 years of breakfast". i bursted crying.

i am not a cry baby not because i opted out to my defense. but seriously, if you knew me, i don't usually cry on heart melting goodbyes and stories of friends or other people (tehre goes subjectivity again! i just hate trying to be 'objective' all the time). but breakfast was different. I have been an avid breakfast viewer since it was first aired in ANC hosted by JC gonzalez (bianca's big brother, angel jacob (which i had an extreme crush with before) and three more guys i have forgot their names. i think one was mariton pacheco but i am not really sure (okay! our cable company that time just provided as 20channels including the local channels and the reception was damn bad that you could not stop yourself moving the cable line like what most of us do with their television antenna).

my view points: the thing i loved with breakfast was it starts my day with a light positive disposition of life especially things about our country. despite all the negativities we always hear in the news, which were usually the content of other morning shows. breakfast tended to give a fresher and lighter approach about everyday news as simple and fun as talking to your socially conscioused friends without being so scripted and subtly telling how hopeless our country could be, the barkadahan approach (to tag it).

all the kulitan, ot-otan (authestice-like), fooling around of the hosts would genuinely tell you that they are not strictly hosts, public figures, perfect androids that has the very least of getting a mistake but also organic beings just like their audience. although, it uses english as the primary language for the show, which is the usual approach among studio23 shows, they don't restrict the host to abide on "EOP or english only policy". and most of all, they also aimed there audience to become intelligent, conscious and optimistic citizens without being too elite and close minded to the masa (laymen) . i think this is what other morning shows failed to do by using never ending herbal and food supplement segments that really annoys me. although i haven't and never will try these alternative medications, i find it a total mediocracy. it tends to make the laymen more dumb about what is happening on their country;and total morons that depend their life on various alternatives.
i will never claim that breakfast was the perfect morning show without any flaws because they also have other segments quite bizaare like fashion and cooking segments that has nothing to do in dealing society. nonetheless, i believe these were effective tactics on how to get the younger generations attention and dwell them to various issues of the society. giving the real and authentic voice of the youth without the under estimating experienced-wise of the so-called 'matured' adults.

the chummy part(don't read, hahaha): again, thank you for the nine wonderful years of morning shows, breakfast!

there goes another tear again.


jplamano said...

Hindi ko pa nakikita ang bagong breakfast ah... try to wake up very early tomorrow so that when it's breakfast time, i am all set to watch it...

the soulsearcher* said...

wow that was certainly fanatic! hehehe, i never really was a couch potato, definitely not on morning shows but i was able to catch breakfast twice or thrice atleast and i can say it is but good taste and very youthful. I love patty laurels dimples and atom has so much sense when he talks. The last time i cried for a tv show being chuncked-out? that would be 5 & Up (kasi frustration kong maging 5&UP kid, teka the show also produced atom arraulo diba?).

Ariel said...

Did you know I just love BFAST so much? But since I started working far from home, I hadn't been able to watch the show. I used to always wait for the Atomic Bam segment (when was that?) Whaah! The last time I watched, Wacky and Bam were still on the show. Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo (did i spell it right?) was also there.

Tama ba? They're stop airing na? What show's going to replace it? Thanks...La kasi akong TV sa tinitirhan ko... hehe

Ariel said...

Iwish I could buy my own TV, too...hehe. Mag-iipon din ako...hehe

redlan said...

thank you for the nine wonderful years of morning shows, breakfast!(joke)

nice post. I'll visit ur blog regularly. thanks sa pagdaan sa blog ko. keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Wala nang breakfast? ANu pumalit? Sayang. Maganda pa naman.