Monday, February 8, 2010


its hard to fall for someone
who values his freedom more than anything else,
who has no ambitions in life and just lives by the moment,
who tends to give romance and relationship new names,
who breaks away from the traditions,
who can easily justifies his actions and goes away with it,
who easily gets bored with monotony,
who has a weird sense of commitment,
who is tactful in saying what he feels to others
but remains reserve to the things he feels for himself,
who calculates his actions,
who avoids being too emotional,
who rationalizes everything,
who is afraid to face his own issues,
who always keep a happy face,
who always fall short with all his efforts,
who acts like everything is nothing for him,
who is uncomfortable in displaying affection, especially in public,
who values friendship more than his partner,
who always has an excuse for his shortcomings,
who easily gives up,
and at the end,
although regretful,
doesn't feel miserable about it.
on the other hand, i want to think that its actually harder for that someone to have all these burdens than to hear it as rants from someone else.

but i guess, its just either of the two: that that someone is still not ready to commit or its the commitment part that is not ready for him yet.


citybuoy said...

for both parties, it is painful and if they're not careful, it could just burn them out.

everybody wants to be loved in their own different way. for some, it is enough to simply be with each other. some need a deeper connection. others need a fantastic sex life. we all need to be loved differently.

but showing someone how to love you is like explaining why a joke is funny. in the end, all meaning is lost.

[sorry lutang utak ko. incoherent comment]

line of flight said...

if it can be characterized as "either of these two", what it is, it is not love. "the tao that can be described is not the eternal tao."

Manech said...

Certain descriptions hit home.

Natakot tuloy akong bigla.

Zai Zai said...

it is tiring to be with someone like this. unless you love them very much..

Toilet Thoughts said...

Me icocomment sana ako, pero after reading the "first" few comments, feeling ko seryosong usapan nga to.

Saka nalang ako mang aalaska.


Menthos said...

I think that it's the latter. I have reasons to believe that people are always ready to commit. Its just that situations, sometimes, is not right for a commitment.

"but showing someone how to love you is like explaining why a joke is funny. in the end, all meaning is lost."

I have to disagree. Para saan pa at nagkaroon ng walang kamatayang linya na "Love me for who I am" kung hindi mo pwedeng sabihin sa isang tao kung paano ka mamahalin. Kasama un sa process.

Anyway, just my two cents.

I hope you won't mind if I add this blog's link under my Recommended Reads. It's just so rich.



Toilet Thoughts said...
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red the mod said...

Yet we still choose to love, despite the threat of hurt and disappointment. Ironic how I say 'choose' when love never is a choice, for choice is logical. Emotions never are.

Padsiefoot said...

Ewik, I just want you to know that I've read this entry.

Wala lang.

My brain is not yet back to its senses. May gusto ako i-comment pero parang hindi ko mai-salitype. Hehehe.

Tsaka na...

Glampinoy said...

It takes two to tango. If both can't make it right it is because they are really not meant for each other.

engel said...

i know alot of people who have one or more of the traits written in this post.

i'm even guilty on being one or more of those traits. which is kinda sad if you think about it.

the geek said...

if you notice that all in every person, then you must be looking at a different angle...

try to find a good spot in sure, there is or there are...

tim said...

i am thinking this post as me. I guess im a bit stupid sometimes, but that is the real things that i have inside.. And when you dig on it, you will understand why.. hehehehehe

iurico said...

I soooooooooooo agree...

gege said...

grabe description nga ito ng taong yun...



perfect list!


pero okei lang... di naman gnun kahirap.

nakakamatay lang.




Yellow Bells said...

hey guys, just remember there is is no such perfect person, only compatible partners. maybe in your case, you are not compatible.

Chyng said...

If both were ready, everything will fall in its place perfectly. yun lang yun. ♥

dodong said...

in the first place, falling for someone is not as easy as eating some point, herap talaga yan. :-)

jericho said...

it is hard to fall for someone. the rest just make it harder. :)

Nimrod said...

korek with a big check!

炒米粉Ken said...