Wednesday, February 3, 2010

metaporn: the casavan

unlike most caravans, welcomed by loud drum beats and excited cheers, they entered the town in the middle of the night almost crawling in silence.

the first pack looked among the far fetch parts of the town and signaled where they will try to build and hide their massive and colorful tents from the eyes of prejudice.
hopefully, the forest can keep a secret. atleast for days or for a week. before they will head back to uncertainty.

"how many rich, powerful and faceless people will haunt me this time? how many of them will i pray not to be part of who i am now?"this is the kind of life, Melissa grew up with and these are the thoughts she always asks to herself whenever serenity succumb her, whenever the wind is at peace and the ground is no longer shaking.

it draws smile on her lips whenever she looks at how trees stand still. how she can closely appreciate a flower or a scene without the fear of missing or not seeing it again. pathetic as it may sound but so far these are the only things she keeps pn looking forward in her life, that keeps her alive.

as a child, the only memories she can remember was waking up drowning underneath dull and moving colors. there were even times she can't help but to scream when she thinks of it. then the mistress will then shake back reality in her.
the mistress, although strict and brutal, trained her for everything she needs to know to become one of the best nymphs of the casavan, which she later on became.

when the fruit was already ripe to be harvested, the mistress handed her over a small red notebook. she was asked to write her life and the experiences of her fellow nymphs in it. as well as to carefully read and study the life scriptures of the nymphs before her. it was living tradition for people like them.
when the festivity of sounds roared in and the curtain was opened, she knew it was time. she knew everyone was dying to see her, how she will come out of that pool. soaked on rich coconut milk. how she will glide, swing and slide among the vines and shrubs of the most exoctic and most beautiful flowers known to man.
how she will drive everyone on the top of their desires.

when the show was over, papers were forwarded and put inside a jar. it contains how much she was worth to her spectators. when the biggest sum was called in, melissa knew where to go next and what she will do to make herself numb again (for the thousandth time).

inside the cabin, she slowly moved her face close to the man, who was wearing that same emotionless mask again. the picture that draws the power she very much hated. she then whispered to it and asked about its fantasies."i want you to be a diwata and make love to me," it answered.

then she moved away and pulled a thin sheet of cloth hanging in the ceiling.

she already knew what to do...

she is indeed the nymph of every desire...

she made the cloth danced in the air

and then to her body

until she was completely covered with it.

then she drew closer


and closer...

until she ordered the mask to pull it's end.
and in his surprise,

melissa's naked body '

was already

in front of him...

as if pleading.

to be continued.


♥nova-san said...

It's like reading a novel.

I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Yj said...

ako nanaman ang inspirasyon mo sa diwata noh? ahahaha charot!

pokpok story with a different twist... kabog

Dhon said...

ai ganun? :)