Sunday, April 5, 2009

top 6 places for your food tripping events under a tight 500 budget

6. the loop, ELJ building Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City.
opens every weekdays from 8am to 8pm. it offers a good number of food establishments. but what is exciting about this place is this is where most abs-cbn stars also eat. it fulls your apettite and satisfy your eyes at the same time.

must try:cake icecreams sold for 45php per slice: 450 per cake. also comes in different flavors: black forest, cappucino, ube, etc.

club house sandwich at grams diner, one of the biggest sandwich in town. not to mention the 70s ambiance that the establishment provide to their hungry customers. though with a tight budget, i suggest to put this last in your list.

5. cubao shoe expo, cubao, quezon city.
one of the fast rising places located at the back of ACS building. the place provides a wide of recreation and food establishes from retro thrift shops, modern pop art galleries, bars and restaurants.

must try: bellini's contadina or spicy spaghetti with chili, garlic in olive oil. the cheapest but the most flavorful pasta of them all. you are lucky if mr. bellini would be gracious enough to give you a glass of vino samto, a kind of sweet wine in the house.

mogwai's crispy chicken neck soaked in spicy vinegar dip. a perfect partner while youa re watching an indie or an art film being played everynight.

4. chinatown

if you are craving for something different and out of your fine dining comfort zone. binondo, manila offers a wide variety of chinese dishes and delicacies.

must try: sugarcane juice sold along side streets for 10php per glass. at first, you might be hesitant in trying it because of the greenish color of it. but believe me, it is the most refreshing drink you'll ever taste.

mezzanine cafeauthentic steamed dumplings sold around 100 per plate/10-15pieces. flavored with a rich explosion of herbs.

if you are stubborn enough to do the strolling, you can also try estero fast food chain, a food center along ongpin estero. it offers a wide array of chinese dishes in very affordable price.

salazar bakery home of fantastic toasted siopao and tikoy, in a wide array of sizes and flavors.

3. salcedo weekend food market opens every saturday 7am to 2pm. located along salcedo avenue, makati city. it offers a wide array of food choices for different appettites. its like your stomach's divisoria.

must try: super z sandwiches, the biggest and longest hotdogs and sausages in town.

2. banchetto weekend food market, located along emerald street, ortigas, mandaluyong city.
opens every saturday starting from midnight to noon. half of the the emerald street stretch is closed for traffic to give way for food kiosks. the venue offers a wide choices from simple barbeques, cakes, meat dishes to japanese, korean and mongolian food.

must try:shawarma sisig rice for 70 php

monster burger 120php, half pound beef patty, a great substitute for your brother's burger, burger king and/or wendy's apetite.

1. UP dilimanskip the university canteens, please.

first stop, lutong bahay and lutong kapitbahay, located near the university postal office. if you really want to experience the homy atmosphere while having your lunch. they would literally allow you to sit on their own sofa while watching on their 25' television set.
lunch: regular combo viands are around 50php

tree house, located near NCPAG building, offers a cozy atmosphere overlooking the wide green terrain of the University while eating on an actual tree house.
must try:clubhouse sandwich: 130php

likha diwa considered as an artist and/or vegan haven. located along c.p. garcia avenue. it offers a wide menus of vegetarian dishes and for meat lovers, you could also try their veggie meat for a change.

must try:

crispy banana sundae 75php, this is to die for me.

isawan booths

there are two famous isawan booths in the campus one will be near the kalayaan dormitory and the other one is near the college of law. they have a wide variety of grilled meat products in a very VERY reasonable price.


for sweet tooths and who only goes for fine dining, located inside bahay ng alumni building. they have two establishments: one is on the lower level. while the other one is on the second level.

must try: devil's foodcake and blueberry cheesecake, they are just simply to die for.

manong jimmy's

if you are a meat lover and has a big apettite for it, mang jimmy's will definitely do the trick. they offer a wide menu and promos for your meat apettite.

must try: 3 plus one, a combination of meat dishes and seafood variants.
sarah's and tomatokick two of the most popular drinking establishments next to the unibv
sarahs located along c.p garcia near likha diwa, offers an outdoor ambiance for your drinking sessions. it feels like you are literally drinking just outside your garage minus your parents checking you once in a while.

tomatokick located along maginhawa street inside UP village. its also offer the same thing with sarahs but a little bit fancier.

must try:chicken/beef fajitas then ask for an extra rice, i assure you, you''ll love it especially if its dripping with aoili sauce.

beach house located inside UP diliman, near the main library offers a good array of grilled dishes. the place is not that fancy but overlooking the sunken garden is all worth it.
must try: pork barbeque and salted egg and tomatoes.


dak said...

i love the cubao shoe expo and the UP dili.

havent been to Salcedo Market. Layo kasi!

Herbs D. said...

must try no.1. (Papa P! here i come)

so far, no. 3 palang ata nagagawa ko dito hihihihi.

jamie da vinci! said...


Mugen said...

Kaya ayaw kong sumasama sa gimik niyo eh. Puro pagkain. Pweh! Hahahaha. Nagutom ako sa entry mo. Balak ko pa naman mga fasting buong araw.

Yj said...

wow..... nakakagutom hahahahaa

masubukan nga lahat yan hehehehe

Bloiggster said...

i love bellini's sobrang sarap ng food dun. miss ko na nga eh.

UP diliman, ahhh those were the days na kinakainan ko yung mga lugar na namention mo!

isaw in UP is still the best!

Rain Darwin said...

may cute dun sa may isaw-an near UP SC. lol

bryz25 said...

try nyo rin sa binondo ang Wa Ying. masarap na mura pa.

saka delicious sa sta.cruz aman.

gillboard said...

puros pang north... la bang pang taga south? hhehehe... but its good sa chinatown... dami masarap na kainan dun...

Joaqui said...

Will sure to visit some of these places. I've been wanting to go to Chinatown, Cubao Expo and UP Diliman but I just can't find someone to bring me there. I'm a bit hesistant to go alone... hehehe

Lance said...

wahhh can't relate..i haven't been to manila yet...hehehe!
have a nice holy weekend!

wanderingcommuter said...

rain darwin:ito ba yung nagbebenta ng banana que?

kung oo, dont worry napicturean ko na siya... hahaha! hopefully mapost ko siya one of this days! hahaha

Eben said...

nakakagutom! masubukan nga yang food tripping suggestion mo pag-uwi ko ng Pinas..uunahin ko yung sa UP diliman kasi mas malapit sa amin yun. hehehe.

Chyng said...

i love salcedo on saturdays, and banchetto at ortigas! nice entry! :D

caryn said...

winner! love love bellini's its such a cool and funky place. their antipasti platter is amazing ;-)

DN / DeathNote said...

Isaw!!! My peyborit!!!