Friday, April 3, 2009

the meet up

"so how is it being single?" asked borg.

it was the least thing i was expecting from my best friend after a very long time of not seeing each other. borg and i have been buddies since college. in fact, he was also the very first person i spoke with the moment i stepped inside the university ground. up until now, we could still clearly remember that moment.

"like pursuing law," i answered.

"what do you mean?" why am i not surprise hearing this response from him.

"boring," then came out my sarcastic face.

despite our differences, borg and i have jived perfectly. he was the typical naive, sports-minded, religious, diligent, goal-oriented son any parent have dreamed of having. while i, on the other hand, is the rebellious and free-spirited child who does what he wants to do, regardless if my parents would permit me or not.

"its not really that bad," he firedback.

"why? do you really want to be a lawyer now?"

both our fathers dreamed of us being one. but we are not sure if this is what we really want. after graduating college and looking on our degree, it made us realize that the road ahead of us actually became vaguer. so we tried giving law school a chance.

"i am beginning to like it,"

"then good for you."

just like any best buddies, i know his girlfriends, flings and sexcapades (talking about being a good son, huh?) and he knows mine. we share almost everything without any hesitations. especially when one is going through a hard time, from which most of the time, i will just find him leaning on my shoulders crying. thus, it was already his long time dream to see me cry too.

"how bout you? what are your plans?

"you know, how i hate answering that question,"

"but sooner or later, you know you still have."

"then let me cross that bridge when i get there. then i could just ring you and tell you how is it."

we went down from baguio and took an entrance exam in mendiola. i passed but borg didn't make it. so i tried helping him to get in to the college's annex in alabang. fortunately, he got a slot. after two years, i dropped off while borg pursued.

"what if the bridge is already not there?"

"you're watching too much porn again, my friend. you know how it affects your thinking,"

"but seriously, erik. what are your plans?"

"alright, can we just go back from me being single again?"

"okay. so how is it being single?"

don't you just love having him as you're best friend?


Yj said...

hahaha reminds me of my friend roux...

those converstions.....

namiss ko tuloy bigla hahahaha

Ely said...

Being single is.......................................................


gillboard said...

awww... reminds me of wanting to find a friend like that...


and yeah, just like ely, single life is awesome!!!

Chyng said...

hehe, knows when to make kulit and to stop! perfect! :D

DN / DeathNote said...

haha. tama. law is boring. lol.

pwera na lang 'pag exam time. ma-eexcite ka (in a masochistic kind of way)


sana may bestfriend din ako. hahaha

parteeboi said...

I so envy you for having a best friend just like him. I think he is super hot from your description.

Being single? I think it is closer to being sane, and having a partner is closer to being insane. But the insanity is addicting.

Mugen said...

Nung minsang nag-eemo kami ni Jayvee (Sikeretong Malupit) sa twitter, pareho naming sinabi na it's sad to be free.

Niel Camhalla said...

I like the hanging feeling at the end. Things doesn't have to be resolved now.

Herbs D. said...

there will always be that person to ask you all them things in life. i beg to differ,my friends does that too.

Jinjiruks said...

masarap at malungkot maging single talaga. ewan. ayan na naman.

lucas said...

he seems like a really nice friend, and he cares for you alot no wonder he asks you these questions that places on the spot...

i hate that question too... i am not really good at planning, which i think benefits me sometimes, and most of the time don't.

syhcool said...

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