Monday, April 20, 2009

the son

this year's summer is terribly horrible. it reaches the point that i would wake up in the middle of my sleep soaked with sweat and forced to hit the bathroom and take a quick shower. i haven't had a decent sleep lately because of it and seriously, its driving me nuts.

but i didn't think that day would be hotter. i was riding the train on my way to work, still dripping with sweat, when suddenly i felt someone staring at me. i tried looking around to find where its coming from and in my surprise, i saw those pair of eyes not far from where i am standing at. 

those eyes were full of expression and probably one of the most attractive eyes i have seen. if it was not excitement, then i couldn't think of anything else inside it. i looked away and tried checking it on my periphery but it seemed like it was still staring. i tried making a glimpse and there it was still locked on my direction. the feeling was starting to be uncomfortable. probably, because i am not used to this situation.

the train stopped and doors opened. people hopped out while some moved in. most of the passengers are pushing and struggling their way inside. in my surprise, those eyes were already beside me without my notice. we were looking at the same direction, outside the window. staring the setting sun behind those towering buildings at everything swiftly passes, as fast as the adrenalin crazily rushing inside me.

i am quite familiar with the situation from the blogs and films i have seen. but its indeed different once your ass is into it. all i have to do now, is wait. if those eyes are really into me then it will make the first move. i even catched it staring at me thrice. so i know, i am the game. but no move has been done yet and were fast approaching my station. when the train reached my drop off, it was mix emotions. i was grateful for nothing happened but on the otherhand, the frustation and regret were annoying me. 

i was already standing in the escalator when the same feeling started again. i looked back and in my surprise, saw the same set of eyes still following me. in a way, i found myself slowing down.

why am i slowing down? i panicly asked myself, what if it does catch me? am i ready or even game for it? skipping work for that day was already out of the question. what bothered me was where to go, what to do, and how will everything end up? 

then suddenly, i felt a weight on my right shoulder. i turned around and saw those pair of eyes glaring with excitement more than before. 

"jeff?" the thin lips below those eyes uttered.

i was surprised, its been ages since i last heard someone called my first name. only my parents, relatives and friends before college call me that. everyone i met from college to the present know me as erick. 

i looked at those eyes carefully, searching for any resemblance or familiarity. but nothing came up. 

"aren't you vice's son?"

then it hit me. the eyes know my dad. i carefully nodded.

"ekso!" he exclaimed.

ekso is a bicolano term referring to godsibling or kinakapatid. my dad happens to be a politician in bicol and you would be surprise to know how many weddings and baptisms he had been as a godparent. 

"i know it was you when i saw you inside the train. you look exactly like your father."

i am unsure if that was a compliment or not. i smiled but no words came out of my lips. i don't even know his f*&$%$ name.

"you probably don't know me. my name is _____. i have been in your place a couple of times before but never had the chance to meet you since you studied in baguio. so i suppose you graduated now. are you working here in makati?"

yes, finally a word came out of my mouth. 

those eyes accompany me to my office and talked a lot of things over. mostly, about my dad. but my attention was elsewhere. i suddenly noticed that it gradually became just a regular pair of eyes as we walked our way. when we reached the front of my building, i looked back to it again. but despite its smile and how it arched above those prominent cheeks, i never saw even the slightest resemblance from earlier. we waived our goodbyes and parted ways. as i walked inside the office, all i could do was to release a heavy sigh.

it was damn close! i almost got busted. then suddenly, my phone beeped. its my dad. 

so you've met your ekso?

i just hate being a politician's son.


Herbs D. said...

and i thought this was something else haha. EKSO! weeeee. kasi eh. mapolitika hehehe.

i love the writing! me want moree papa Ewik

DN / DeathNote said...

nyahaha. muntikan na nga! haha. mirage dulot ng mainit na panahon. :D

Yj said...

ahahahaha yun lang.....

Toilet Thoughts said...

haha! akala ko eto na ung "komplikasyon" na hinahanap mo to break the boring monotony of your life. Sayang. hehe.

kuya ewik! baguio! baguio! baguio!

Jinjiruks said...

katukayo pala kita. jeff rin name ko. humanda ka pag nakita kita sa train. kidding aside. ang hirap kaya ng ganun na may naka-titig sa iyo. hindi kumportable kasi baka mamaya iba ang isipin ng mga tao. pero sayang kasi iyon na nga to the point na - what if maganda ang kalalabasan at makilala pa siya nang mabuti.

Chyng said...

vice - mayor? ang daddy mo sa baguio?!

haha, kala ko pick up moments na!

Rex said...

wow, fun

line of flight said...

thankfully, knowing you was disclosed before anything happening.

gillboard said...

celebrity ka pala eh... hehehe

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha. kamuntikan na nga talaga. hahaha.

herbs: i promise!

dn: mirage indeed.

jepoi: ayoko ng definisyon ng kopmplikasyon mo. hahaha. mahirap ang baguio para sa tulad kong out of this world na sched.

jinjiruks: jeff??? hehehe.

chyng: wish ko lang. hindi sa bicol!

rex: hahaha. its not my definition of fun though. but its exciting. hehehe

light: luckily, indeed!

gillboard: ngek!

Jason said...

bicolano ka rin pala... parang may ibang ka-blog din tayo na taga-bicol... just can't remember, sinabi niya iyon sa posting nya recently.

taga-camsur ako... huli kong punta ata dun ay grade school pa ako hahaha

line of flight said...
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line of flight said...

those experiences got very awkward when someone discloses after the fact that they voted for you and support your programme!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! 'tikan nang mabokelya tapos direct-connect pa sa pudra.

Salamat sa post WC!

the geek said...

being a politician's son has its perks, too...

Jake said...

Almost but not quite. Stories as these make me miss taking the MRT more and more! :p

Ely said...

politician pala tatay mo...

Anonymous said...

Sabi ko na nga ba ikaw yan erick e.

bulitas said...

sabi nga sa gossip girl,

ek-so ek-so


炒米粉Ken said...