Friday, March 13, 2009

one boring rest day


it was one of my typical rest day that i had nothing in mind to do.
i hate idle restdays. i hate lying down my bed, eyes fixed infront of the television the whole day and watching the same movies over and over again. i am at the edge of insanity.
when suddenly, my phone rang. i heard familiar voices on the other line, lawschool blockmates, asking me, where i am?
i forgot what i have answered. but i think they have figured, i am bored again.
so they invited me over for lunch, who am i to refused. but when i asked where. they said, they haven't had one yet in mind.
they picked me up in taft then the next thing i knew, we were already in tagaytay.

huh?!? TAGAYTAY? yes, we were in F-ing tagaytay.

i think i was only 7, the last time i have been there and already forgot where we went. i am not really a fan of the place and never got excited to go there probably because i find baguio more inviting. but when we arrived there and checked out some restaurants and coffee shops, in a way, it made me miss baguio, college days, my friends. then the things that i do and finally, i have realized i miss acting on the stage again.

we dined at josephine's, although we constantly see each other, i never thought that they were already graduating. one more year and they'll take the bar. then if they it, they'll head straight to firms, offices or what have you. though i don't have any regrets on the decision that i made, i just felt a pinch of envy at them thingking that they already have a definite goal in mind.

one of my closest blockmates had probably felt my sudden silence. so he called the day as my day and gave me the opportunity to decide where to go and what to do. my lips just arched a smile to them as a sign of gratitude. my eyes were already watering, i just can't thank them enough for their sweetness.

but what they didn't know was i hate people sweeter than me. having called it my day, i asked them to fulfill my frustrations. but since they don't know how to act, i just taught them how to do a tableaux. with proper lighting, levellings, blockings, internalizations, convictions, character sketches and a good director (ehem!), the country' uprising actor lawyers...

project runway style
make me a supermodel style

starla and the jewel riders style!

hahahaha... I just love my blockmates and i love myself for thinking such crazy ideas.

but seriously, thanks guys!!! i hope you're watching.

love you, lucky!


Toilet Thoughts said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk. Sweet ka na sa lagay na yan? Malamang you hate everybody no? Kasi malamang everyone is sweeter than you. hahaha!

On a serious note, yeah, I've felt the same way when I met up with my college buddies, then seeing them all succesful... graduating doctors, canadian/ australian clinical pharmacists (earning BIG btw), MS/ Phd/ PharmD holders etc... things that I've wanted for myself... Probably why I hate reunions. Oh well, one thing I learned, things will come to you in His time. Just pray for you to be directed to the right path the He has planned for you... and suddenly you'll be surprised all things will fall into place.

Take care kuya! Have a blessed day ahead! Smile!

the geek said...

ang saya ng mga reunions..hehehe

can't wait for our next...sigh..sigh....

PUSANG-gala said...

Tagãytay is really nothing compared to Baguio---but Baguio is becoming too congested----plus Tagaytay is near Manila so it offers a quick fix~~~~~just don't go to PICNIC Grove, it SUCKS---BIG TIME.....

lucas said...

ahehe! ang bait ng mga kaibigan mo...

at ang kulit ng mga pics. silhouttte lang pero mukhang enjoy na enjoy akyo sa pagpopose..hehe!

Chyng said...

nice shot! project runway inspire pala yun! hehe

tagabukid said...

dami ng magagandang places to unwind ngayon sa tagaytay. kahit sa silang area sarap ng mga kainan along the highway.

salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko

Jinjiruks said...

nakakaiyak naman ang entry na ito. hindi mo talaga akalain na mangyayari minsan ganitong event. hehe. sa akin wala pang nagyayaya na ganyan. baka maiyak rin ako siguro pag nangyari iyon.

pie said...

hehehe. naaliw ako sa pictures nyo! made me think of our group's gala to different places din. haaay. kakamiss.