Friday, March 6, 2009

maria during a boring rest day

everyone's complaining. they're complaining because they are jealous about maria.
wives, girlfriends, flings and even boyfriends, they are all against maria. poor maria.

"i am filing a divorce. this is so offensive on my part," the wife shouted.

"i think you need to seek professional help, pervert!" the girlfriend exclaimed as she walked out the door.

"am i not good enough?" the fling hysterically asked then slap him on the face.

"what's wrong with my maria?" the boyfriend asked as he bursted into tears.
the other day, yna invited me over for a cup of coffee. its been a while since we last met so i prepared myself for a good surprising talk again. she immediately confessed that she already had her first ever fight with her boyfriend during their 3 year relationship. thus, i immediately thought it was definitely something serious and grave.
i asked, "why?"
there was an ackward pause, as if she was trying to assemble all of her thoughts and words to come up with the best answer.


"i caught him jacking off."

laughter echoed inside my lips but i forced myself from not letting it go. yna admitted that she got offended, "who wouldn't?" she added. for her, it was an insult. she felt very humiliated and started questioning herself as a partner, both romantic and sexual.

i don't really know how to comfort her. but i assured her that the act would not define her or their relationship in any way. i think its more of a man thing. something that we really couldn't explain. probably same psyche as why most girls love to powder their face (i know, i am not really good in logic, sorry). its as natural as anything around us.
then, i thought of maria.
maria was our first.

maria carried us from childhood to manhood.

maria was 'always' there especially in our idle moments.

maria knew exactly how to please us, that even sometimes some find it more pleasurable than sex or make it as a must once in a while even with the presence of the latter.

maria is like your mom's adobo.

maria is perfect.

maria is our hands,
maria palad (now, i wonder why can't it be mario?)
we ended the night laughing. though i am still not sure if she got my point.

now, i can't believe i am writing nonsense again. oh, i hate boring rest days.
ikaw ano ba tawag mo sa iyo?


Denis said...

hmmmm, it feels like all these are encrypted and i cant follow through...

hehe. maria by santana: was it inspired by this phenomenon?

Niel Camhalla said...

Maria exercises my imagination.

the geek said...

ahhh..the ever reliable maria...

(i don't call mine maria...i call "her" jackie O....)

Mr. Scheez said...

From the title alone, without even starting to read the entry, I knew what the post is about. Hehehe =)

Anonymous said...

i call maria my sleeping pill, my after gym fix and sometimes my hobby. hahaha. just kidding. ;)

Mac Callister said...

uyy nag balik siya pag blog hehe

Mugen said...

Say hello to Jeff...

Jeff Palmer. Hehehe.

Huwag ka, I had an ex once. Mas pipiliin pa pajakulan yung porn kesa makipag jerjer sa akin sa kama.

Joaqui said...

Mine was Mario. But when I realized I know somebody named Mario, I took back the name. hehehe

Lance said...

that could have been more offending to your friend if she caught his bf jacking off while holding an FHM

Yj said...

eh d mas nakakawindang kung na sight nya ang boylet na nagjajakol while watching m2m...


char lang!!!

Mel said...

some girls... i have to emphasize SOME, gets excited with her guy making out with maria