Monday, June 9, 2008

quarter life crisis

i really don't have plans of posting something today. but while i was checking at my site i received a message that made my entire system pump like never before. so i decided to post a brief icebreaker, just bare with me, my blog!

if you happen to read this site, you'll probably remember this post: the most unfortunate person. it was the entry where i told the story of how i screw up a job's application, in terms of the exam and the final interview. but hey guess what? they've actually just messaged me, saying that i got the position. wow after more than 2 weeks of waiting.
probably by now, you are thinking that i won't post this entry just to congratulate myself because i got the position. hey, you are now reading me. congratulations!!!
but here's the catch, when i applied for the position, i told them that i have nothing else to do but to work. but since i have been dismayed with what happened to my final interview and haven't heard from the company thinking that i didn't make it, i have decided to enroll for law school. now here is where the real problem begins.
the company is requesting me to start around 830am. counting the number of hours i need to work, uhhhmmm... wait this is math... it takes time, you know, i will log out around 530 in the afternoon. wait, my classes starts around 6 in the evening. so i am counting again, give me a sec. it means that i have only 30 minutes of traveling time from libis to recto.
i could take a cab from libis to katipunan then ride the lrt and dropped by either legarda or recto. but i think it would take more than 30 minutes, my dear, to get there.
haaay, now i am thinking if i would still accept the position or i could talk to them and inform them what happened to my life within the 2 weeks they didn't contact me. hoping that they could just give me a fix schedule that would fit to my classes. but if not, i still have another job application coming but there's a catch again. how come there should always be a catch? its boring! sigh!
this is probably what we call quarter-life crisis, my friend. i am just thinking that if somebody have came up with the term then probably i am not the only person who is experiencing this. i just wish that or those people haven't committed suicide yet.
anyhow, wish me luck!


Mugen said...

Haha, wala ka pa sa quarter life crisis bro. :) Break a leg to you. Maybe you could ask them to be lenient to you. :)

Lance said...

Goodluck =)

dr magsasaka said...

Maybe you can work and study at the same time, but law school is difficult, and the bar exam has a passing rate of around 1/3 or less, only.

Is it possible to study full time? If it were me, I'd prefer this route, over independence.


so what would be ur plan? cant that contract be changed to maybe 430pm as ur log-off time?

Anonymous said...

been there. but im still alive and kicking now. ugh. i dont know. ahaha.

WC goodluck on your quest. mukang may future ka naman.

cedeux said...

Una, Congrats!=]

nako, mahirap nga yan,
pwede mo ba sila pakiusapan to adjust?

or kung pwede art time muna?

kaya mo yan bro, ingats!

Anonymous said...

well, life. there's always a catch. you'll do just fine. :)

the donG said...

good luck dito. it's good at least you have other options. maybe it will still be best that you share them that you've enrolled in that class. then see if they can work it out.

♥missnova-san said...

I think in this situation, honesty is the best policy. Explain to them your situation, how you were not sure that you would hear back from them, and in the meantime, you enrolled into law school. Reiterate your desire to work for their company, but ask to work part-time or something.

There is always a way around everything!

This is a good problem to have!

♥missnova-san said...



Naks, ang galing mo naman!

Princhecha Fiona said...

Naks, congrats!

Baka naman pwede mo sila pakiusapan na 7:30a-4:30p ka na lang pumasok, para makahabol ka din sa classes mo? Malay mo pwede naman pla! :p

chroneicon said...

30 mins? kulang yan pare. maybe you can ask your future employer to let you start at 7

odin hood said...

sana pumayag sila na mag-adjust sa sched mo... at sana naman di ka duguin sa pagsasabay sa dalawa hehe

Anonymous said...

My gawd. Working full time while studying law? Isn't that suicide? Mas better if half day lang. Try to talk to them about being part time.

Aracir said...

galing naman. good luck!

Niel Camhalla said...

you should have waited. 2 weeks is just about normal for an employer to respond. but now there's a conflict, i guess you know you have to be honest with your employer-to-be. if you can't handle both, i think you have to choose.

i had a different quarter life crisis. i was evaluating how i spent my life so far and checking if i achieved my dreams.

dabo said...

for a quarter life crisis.. this is lame kid.

sorry can't help but bitch around.

---- --

je je je je... lol!