Saturday, June 7, 2008

10 signs to an artist's starDOOM

june 05, 2008. 1100am.

phone endlessly ringing. i woke up. its che. che was inviting me to go to makati. she was persistent. i am still sleepy. she was still persistent. i gave up. i got up and fixed myself up.
i walked. i bought a bottle of purified water at ministop. i walked to lrt. i dropped at lrt cubao. i walked again. i entered gateway. there's a bridge. then farmers mall. i rode a bus. for mrt had a long line and the place was hot. so i decided to take the bus. but the traffic in edsa was worst. the driver won't just proceed without filling up his bus with passengers. its almost 30 minutes of waiting and we're still in ortigas. if i just knew this would happen. i should have just taken the train.
finally, i reached makati. hey, there something familiar about the place. i know the building. it reminded me of my ex---ex works here! i hope che and her friends are already here. oooh! there they are.
we went to cubao. need to accompany che to the bus terminal for her la union trip. she missed her flight again to south korea for the nth time. but i love the psp she gave me. it made me feel more materialist. but appreciated. i love her so much. but don't get me wrong. i am a materialist with a twist, whatever that be.
we went to the bus terminal. she bought a ticket. its still an hour before it leaves the terminal. we walked again. we saw a billiard bar. along the street??? we bought beer. a couple of bottles for each. we talked. we teased. alvin was already red and we're all talking nonsense and its just two bottles.

che don't want to leave anymore.
we rode a cab to sarahs in up diliman. we drank again. we saw lester, another friend from baguio. then another friend, then another and another. we ordered a round, another round, then another, until we stopped counting. theres a jam. but i only drink.


che already gave up. we waived a taxi to makati. i dropped at katipunan. i openned the door. took a bath and went to sleep.

i woke up the next day asking myself "was it a dream?" probably, because i have no hang over. but then i felt my tummy. it aches terribly. my body twisting, making fetus position. i rolled on my bed. i fell to the floor.

then i realized, i havent eaten for the entire day yesterday...and yes i drank. thus, it was not a dream.

but this wouldn't stop me from posting something. i decided to post TOP 10!!! its been a long time and i can't compose my thoughts. but here goes.

10 signs to an artist's stardoom.

10. most of them begin guesting to game shows.

9. most of them decide to pose for a sexy magazine or shift to a more daring or sexier image. and the worst part of it is, they claim they are doing it for "art's sake"

8. most of them try establishing their own business products ranging from whitening soaps to food items.

7. most of them claim that someone's stalking them, get into a bar fight, lover's quarrel or any "petty" crimes.

6. most of them have sex video scandals circulating among phones and pirated dvds, in which some came from them in the first place.

5. (although i hate to admit this) most of them begin doing independent films. but still are questionable whether or not its is really an independent film.

4. most of them have rumors of having DOM(dirsty old men) or rich gay lovers.

3. most of them confess and even hold a live coverage of their surgical enhancement.

2. most of them instantly become singers or form a singing band.

1. most of them begin to guest or become one of the mainstay hosts of kuya germ's walang tulugan.

*again, the following entry is just my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the entire blogging community. hehehe.


Mugen said...

Haha so that's what had happened. Pasensya na kanina, medyo maraming work kaya hindi ako nakareply sayo kaagad.

Anyway I like your writing style. Interesting...

my-so-called-Quest said...

hey, musta naman ang pakiramdam?
hope oks ka na! kumain kasi bago uminom=]

natawa ko sa top 10 mo.teka ano bajan pwede kong gawin? =p

Eben said...

kamusta naman si kiya germs sa #1 spot LOL. pero tingin ko totoo yun, karamihan kasi ng mga gustong sumikat si kuya germs ang nilalapitan.

odin hood said...

meron din yung lumilipat ng tv station. from kapamilya nagiging kapuso for example kasi wala nang project hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

mugen: no worries kuya joms...

mysocalledquest: ayun nangangasim ang sikmura pero i am doing fine... kaiinom ko langd in while typing this...tsktsk... masama na ito...
hhmmm... magpasikat ka muna ng todo... hahaha. joke.

eben: okay naman daw si kuya germs, tanggap na daw niya. hehehe...

odin: oo nga nalimutan ko yun ha... sige icoconsider ko yan...officially.

the donG said...

anong meron si kuya germs (nung una - ngayon kasi ala na)???

♥missnova-san said...

I like your friend's name - che. Like Che Guevara. Very cool. So what happened? She ended up not leaving? Was she supposed to go back to S. Korea?

wanderingcommuter said...

the dong: false hope ng mga palaos na mga artista.

nova: her name is actually cheryl. hehehe. she still have until tomorrow for her plane ticket. but she is still in dilemna of whether to return or not. since she is also not a fil citizen. sad