Thursday, June 26, 2008

now, i am commuting makati

yup, i know. it has been a while since i last posted something. but believe me, sometimes long silence can tell us that something happened and changed.
all of us has our own principles in life. regardless, if this may be political, social, cultural or personal and even how we hold on to it, may also vary depending upon lots of things.
recently, i had a long four day off in school due to the typhoon, our professor not attending class again and the manila day celebration. but despite the typhoon that struck, this didn't slow me down. at the middle of hard rain and strong winds, i managed to get out of my place and went to patty's birthday party in a nearby restaurant, had coffee and talked until the break of dawn. this is how brave a law student could be after knowing there will be no classes the next day.

monday, i met some friends and accompanied them for a job application in makati. fortunately, we passed the first interview and scheduled us the next day at 8am for our exams and hopefully, our final interview.
after makati, i went to tomas morato and met some of my former blockmates for a drinking spree. before i realized that these guys were up to no good again.
in my former block, i was the only person who haven't gone drunk yet. thus, my blockmates suggested we drink hard after only-god-knows how many buckets of beer. as usual, i declined. for empoy or brandy never really pleased my alcoholic throat.
so one of them proposed a dare: if i beat the three of them first in a bottoms up round, they'll be my neophyte for a week. but if one of them beats me, we'll go for hard drinks. unfortunately, i lost after two rounds from a former schoolmate in baguio. so we went to another blockmate's condo in manila and feasted two long neck bottles of brandy. just imagine, the brandy shot was taller than the chaser. wasn't it dead fishy?
it was already 4am, when i already felt really dizzy and told them i have to go because of my job application by 8am. but they insisted me to stay. but i insisted more. until they decided to stand infront of the door and not allow me to go out. my persistence then became physical and then they retaliated with violence until it became brutal.
at the middle of the wrestle, i felt a bit of difficulty in breathing. then it became deep and loud. for the first time in my life, i experienced asthma. then my blockmates got worried. someone already carried me over to his car and insisted that he'll bring me to a hospital, since no one has a nebulizer that time. but i insisted that i am okay and all i need is a ride home. after a long breathless argument, i managed to persuade them.
everything was still moving by the time i stepped out of the car. i waived my goodbyes to them and approached the gate. on my surprise, i can't find my keys. even my earing was also missing. probably because of the wrestle. so embarassingly, i knocked, woke and asked my land lord to open the gate and door for me. by the time, i reached bed, everything went black and there's nothing else that i could remember.
it was already 11am in the morning when i woke up. in my surprise, there were almost hundreds of sms and missed calls from two of my friends, asking me where the hell i am?
i immeditely stood out of bed, even remembered feeling that i was about to fall because of hangover.
i took a cab that brought me to makati. i literally run inside the building. i told the staff in charge that i wasn't able to go to the scheduled exam and interview time because of some family emergencies. fortunately, they bought my alibi considering the bloodshots that i still have in my eyes.
i finished 8 long exams while struggling to carry two heavy eyes and breaking head. after the exam, the staff told me to come back again after an hour for my final exam. it was just then, that i learned that the two of my friends didn't make it.
then the final interview, while i was being interviewed, i noticed that everything went a pace slower: understanding the question, formulating an answer and even how i answer the questions was slow. nonetheless, i bagged it. a job offer was given to me after the interview. a job offer that made me awoke for a moment because of the pay that i am about to get. it was almost 80% greater than my previous pay plus the benefits and allowances were also unexpected.
the staff directed me to a cube to read the contract. although still amazed with the offer, something struck me at the back of my head.
then i thought of my principle and the word practicality. a clash between the two words began. both, in which, controling my decision to sign or not to sign the contract. i began to see myself when i was in college as my principles pull the templates of each slide. while my practicallity just triggered my brain to focus its senses into my buttocks and feel my thining wallet.
principle over practicality for me is not a simple issue. aside from the fact that i dont like the taste of my own pride, i feel that a part of me got embarass and/or died.
the pen never felt that heavier while i was signing the contract. my bumness status finally ended.
that night, i went back to patty's place to greet her again. despite the still not seizing hang over. in my surprise, she asked me, " bakit ganyan ang amoy mo? ang lakas, uminom ka ba?"

instead of answering the question, i felt worried and began asking myself as well!


Mugen said...

Congratulations. Finally sunny day has arrived. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Siguro napansin nung interviewer. Tsk tsk.

mel beckham said...

congraaaats! u signed the contract, right? hihi

Princhecha Fiona said...

uy congrats to the now makati boy! :p Libre nmn dyan! :p

ced said...

congrats congrats!
sa makati ka na pla=]

ingats palagi!

blackdarkheart said...

wow may work ka na! good! pero baka nga naamoy ng interviewer ang "scent" mo. speaking of which(buhat banko moment) sbi ng mga friends ko kapag pawis daw ako para daw akong may pabango, considering wala akong nilalagay na perfume at ang deo ko pa ay unscented. hehe. welcome sa makati! miss ko na ang insular building...haay

Mel said...

putek angkulet nun ah! haha ngayon malapit ka na sa amin, lasingin mo na kami! lolz

TENTAY™ said...

Ayos congratulations. sa susunod ngang magpapalit ako ng work, magpapakalasing at magmamano ko kay GranMa at papabugbug din ako!! Hahhahaha.. :>

Sabagay pag brandy nagpapalpitate ako. anyway congrats ulit ha! :> tagay!


odin hood said...

waw congrats!

so ang lesson ay okay lang ang lumaklak hehehe

Ely said...

COngrats! Kahit nangamoy alak, pasok pa rin. hehe. Galeng!

amicus said...

congratulations. welcome sa makati. at welcome din sa mrt! good luck sa rush hour. :)
baka magkasalubong tayo minsan.

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

nakakahawa ka wandering c. ha!
pati ako nagiging lasenglot na!
congrats! ganyan talaga - ang hirap maging adult hyuk hyuk hyuk!

Niel Camhalla said...

"my principle and the word practicality. a clash between the two words began."


jericho said...

balato! hehe. anong trabaho ito?

Lance said...

niel is right. what principle? how is it related to getting yourself a good job? Or maybe I just need to go over your article again. I just felt a little excited reading your new post because it has been a while since your last post. hahahah parang year yong gap.
nway, congratz poh =)

Sexymoi said...

congrats! :)

Kiks said...

congratulations, commuter. the lost earring and the deadly hangover were slapped better with a high-rise paycheck.

now keep it and start getting sober. ;-)

acey said...

congrats, bro!

this postmade me miss makati! :P

an ode from thee junkie said...

ewik san na work mo? ym tayo i miss you mwah

Aethen said...

Astig ah! May amats pa pero pasok parin. Congrats!

Kahit ako, I'll chose practicality over principle in some situtaion. Haha.

Geh hope you'll be happy with your work and its high compensation. Libre ha?!

dabo said...

teka.. di ka naligo.. you sprung out of bed and hail a cab immediately.. ha ha ha.. coolness!