Wednesday, June 18, 2008

soulmates: a mere thought myth(?)

once, there was an ancient myth that tells that when the first humans were created, they were of two heads, four arms and four limbs. they have lived harmoniously together with other beings that were created. then one day, they've became very curious about things and began to learn. the humans learned faster than the rest. until they became rationale about things and thus, assigned to rule over all creations.
unfortunately, being rationale has its own toll over those who possesses it.
the humans started arguing with one another for having two heads that have minds that think separately and differently. the arguements became endless and affected everything. havoc was first experienced by all.
to resolve the problem, the creator decided to split them in half. so that both minds were free to do what they think and want to. from there, freewill was given. but the moment it happened, they felt something they haven't felt before. they felt so incomplete inside. then they learned that the only heart they both share was also split in half. for the first time, they felt sadness and loneliness. it was miserable.
both pleed their creator to put them as one again and promised not to argue anymore. but the creator insisted that it was the consequence they have to face.

from then on, humans were of one head, two arms, two limbs and half of a heart and forever searching for their other half.


probably if there is one thing that is of no scientific basis that i can believe into other than an omnipotent being free of institutional chains, it will be soulmates.
it is hilariously mushy to think how most of us tend to invent ways in determining our soulmates. most of us, ask for signs, consult psychics and even pathetically light a candle infront of a mirror at midnight just to know our better halves. embarassingly enough, i am one of them (you).
after being in a number of relationships, i always asked myself, is this it? sometimes i even asked, if my other half has already passed or is it just about to come? how will i know if its already there?
some friends tell me that it will just come and you just have to wait. but then again, what if its already beside me and i am still waiting, will there be bells ringing above me telling me that it is already my better half?
well, probably nobody really can tell. its a matter of us really to find out.

last night, after class, i had dinner with my former blockmates in san beda in mister kebab.
in my surprise, what i thought to be a usual dinner, full of memories turned out to be a revelation i would never forget.
isko, one of my blockamates and happened to be a schoolmate form baguio as well, confessed to us that he is single again after a three-year relationship with her girlfriend. at first, i thought it was probably one of his antics. but when he told us the details in full conviction of sincerity, i almost dropped my jaw on the table.
after that night, it came to me that time no matter how long, will not always be the determining factor in saying if one already met his/her match: that it could only prepare us for what is still ahead. in addition, there are also situations that regardless of how one efforts and forces him/herself to work things out, if its not meant to be, it will never go through. its like pieces of a puzzle. no matter how you force a piece on a slot, if its not the right piece, it will never complete the picture.
probably, soulmates are one of life's greatest mysteries. a labrynth that everyone is oblige to enter, learn and unravel. that despite the time and effort you put into it there are still no assurance that you are heading to the right way. as of now, all of us are still drafting our own maps and this happens to be mine. from which, the only thing that i can hope for, is that the other half of my map is also about to lead its owner to its other part.


Abou said...

we must not waste time asking if the person is indeed "the" soulmate. we may be with the person for years or for a day, what's important is we enjoyed the moment -- moment by moment... (ano daw?) ha ha

Niel Camhalla said...

there's a danger in believing you need another person to be complete.


i really dont believe in soulmates..

i believe in establishing a relationship based from love, trust and intelligence.

theTripper said...

i agree with niel. we dont need another person to complete us. each self is a one single complete being. add another one and that makes one extra self. one completes a being, two only makes a relationship.

bagong gising lang po kaya ganyan ako mag isip. hahaha.

Richard the Adventurer said...

SOULMATES.... Pwede na rin.

Haha! Anybody na kagaanan ko ng loob... Soulmate na tawag ko. 'Yun lang.

Lance said...

how could you possibly search for a soulmate when you haven't even found your own soul yet? that's me... hehehe and i don't know why..

Mugen said...

Sometimes I still wonder if soulmates exist. Every day people would ask me at work if this guy or girl is their soulmate and I would just answer yes to satisfy their inquiry.

The truth is, I wonder...

But out of perpetual waiting - since the early days I started looking for the other, I guess time taught me to rely that the only soulmate I got is none other but


mel beckham said...

hindi ako naniniwala dyan sa soulmates. kathang-isip lang yan ng mga sinaunang romantic writers. chos! kung may soulmate man ako ay pipili ako. at yun ay si orlando bloom. that's all. hihi

Anonymous said...

Kala ko siya na soulmate mo eh. hihi. Hmmm... What if your soulmate is a fellow blogger?! Waaaa. Hihi.

odin hood said...

ahihi a few weeks ago lang, just before going to sleep, i prayed na makita ko sana dream ko yung soulmate/destiny ko bwahahahaha

tapos natulog ako and nanaginip... sa dream ko sobrang dami ang nag-appear, i remember ung isa ung ka-org ko na girl, tapos meron pa 2 babies, at marami pa na mukha na di ko kilala....


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I found my soulmate way back in college and we never separated since then. We already have thousands of break up during our 8 year relationship and I'm happy to say that the longest break up we ever had was closed to 1 hour then after that a very passionate love making follows (so, are we soulmates or not? hehehehe).

In my case, it's a mutual feeling. We also share the same interest, the same zodiac sign, I'm one day older (yes magkasunod birthday namin kaya everytime we celebrate our birthday dapat 11pm to 1am para combine), Our first name and surname both starts with the same letters, magkatunog pa family name naming dalawa.

Mawala na lahat ng mga kaibigan ko, mawalan na ako ng trabaho, mawalan na ako ng pera wag lang sya yon yong feeling po. Alam ko maraming mas-higit pa kaysa sa kanya at marami nag-fliflirt sa akin sa office pero never ako tinigasan sa kanila hahahahaha

MakMak said...

I believe in soulmates but I also believe that I don't need another person to complete me. But then again those two ideas oppose each other. :)

Nevertheless, I found out that it can take a person a thousand lifetimes before he/she can find his/her soulmate. So I gave up looking for THE one. :P

I'm already happy tagging the people closest to me as my "soulmates".

ragayano said...


medyo magulo nga yang isipin...

totoo ba o hindi?

ewan ko lang...

parang question yan kung ano nauna, manok or itlog...


Anonymous said...

well sabi sa psychology, sa isang event na may dalawang tao, silang dalawa ay may different perception ng event na ito. in other words everything is relative. the experience of the one is different sa iba, although nasa iisang frame sila ng time and space.

i think soulmates do occur but it is not bound by time or space or by order of polarity


(i miss the blog and the blogger... ingat bro)

Lydia said...

I knew when I married my first husband at 24 that he wasn't my soulmate. It's strange to look back on the girl I was then and wonder what in the hell was in my mind! It was physical, it was interesting, it was a rock 'n roll disaster...
We divorced after six years, and after that I lived with a new love for two years. Then I was alone (dated some, etc.) for 13 years before meeting my husband at work. The furthest thing from my mind was a relationship with this younger man. A group of us at the office formed a hiking club and we climbed Mount St. Helens. It was arduous, and a long day up and down the volcano. All of us became better friends helping one another along that day. My now-husband and I wound up spending a lot of the climb together. By the time we got back to the parking lot that evening I knew I was in love and so did he. It was difficult because he was married, and not especially happily. But when souls meet, souls meet. It really wasn't something we could push away. We struggled with the obvious messy circumstances, even parting for a few months as he gave the marriage one more try. But one day I was home at my condo and he came to the door, full of emotion. He gave me a life-size clay model of his own hand that he had made a few years before. Later that year we flew to New York City and were married at City Hall. In September we'll celebrate our 13th anniversary and just last night he brought home to me one of those musical cards. The verse inside says: "In you, I've found the love of my life and the closest, truest friend of my heart."
So! -sometimes you aren't even thinking a person could be your soulmate - then you realize that he/she is exactly that, but there are moral or geographical or age or race issues - so you try to let the person go - but being apart cannot be achieved - and you just take that leap into the empty void and let love in.
It will happen for you exactly as it should, friend.

WHITE said...

soulmates. err whatever you may call it. serendipity by some others. well, that's part of the mystery of life and all the that is attached to it.

but then I agree with abou. let's enjoy the 'moment' or the present. if we continue to look for or hope for our 'soulmate', we may end up nothing. instead, let's nurture what is being offered to us by the present. more than anything else, any relationship needs nurturance and does not just start in a click.

♥nova-san said...

Soulmates! Ahhh... I believe so much in soulmates, that I have no less than four!

Actually, I think soulmates are just a romanticized notion. The reality is that whomever you are with, you and that person can be true soulmates for that time that you are together, thinking and acting as one, and your souls seemingly connecting. But time and circumstances and individuals change, and who was once your soulmate at one time, may not longer be so at another time.

amateur said...

I would readily believe a myth over a harsher reality, call it craziness or utter denial but there is just something about believing there is someone out there to complete you. I would rather believe and go through the hurt and disappointment of every wrong dead end than not believe and settle for a mere "satisfied life".

wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw...i never thought i could receive so many love stories, i am touched...really.

and in a way, it made my eyes wet.

my sincerest congratulations to normand and lydia.

by reading all of the comments, i now conclude atleast to myself. that in life, its a matter or seizing it, enjoying it and making the most out of it. instead of looking for something almost endlessly.

that we are complete in our own ways. hence, we need to be contented.

nobody knows who could be the right one until we are already in the situation!

and above everything else, we need to live life to its fullest!