Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my first and last day at work

i entered the building, on time, as usual. i was waiting for someone to entertain me. then came the hr staff, quite busy, as usual as well. she guided me to the conference room. i sat and she talked. she told me that she considered me to two positions. one was the position i have applied for and the other one was a moderator for a particular social networking site. since i did well in copywriting the exam, which was supposed to be a proof reading thing. hehehe.
then, with all the guts in the world, i told her that i am enrolled. i was already expecting, sorry we do not entertain students lines. then she told me that would not be a problem since they are linient with students in their company. but she told me that the position that i have applied for would conflict my class schedules and is shifting sched position. what a luck? considering that they gave me my expected salary. tsktsk.
then here came the moderator. it has a fixed sched, 6 am to 3 pm. monday to friday. wow... i just can't wait for the catch. when i asked for a petiks job, i never meant this super duper petiks. basically, what i'll do is just censor, rate and tag sms and chat conversations, images, audios and videos. slap me hard please is this for real.
the catch came, she told me the salary was way lower than what i asked, its only 12,000 plus performance bonuses.
then there were flashbacks. i thought of my rent, transpos, books, readings, photocopied cases, mister kebab, tomatokick. i felt as if my market value fell down really hard.
but i thought of still considering it. so i took the training without even signing the contract yet. darn! the job is too good to be true. if you're not going to think about the salary. then came the boss...ehem! huwwwwwaaaaaaaaawwwwww!!!
it was already 4 pm, when i excused myself to smoke. i smoked a stick and made a decision. i entered the building, claimed my id, rode a cab, went straight to home and then attended my first day in class!
as easy as that. well i just hope i won't regret it.


Lawstude said...

i guess it's not meant to be.

but for whatever its worth, i guess you made the right choice.

odin hood said...

haaay ang mga what if's.....

WHITE said...

what a day! :)


swerte mo na rin at may work ka... napa wow ka kay boss mo... but u didn't elaborate why....

Mugen said...

And I hope you won't parang alam ko kung saang company ka. Does it start with the letter W? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Nalipat ng sched then the salary plummeted? Why? Or is it another job? How can you review for classes? Isn't that too toxic?

~ nova-san ~ said...

What is petiks?

So, wait, what happened with the boss?

Well, I guess the feeling wasn't there. Sometimes, you just make a decision not really knowing if it's right, but I've always believed that it's better to follow your first instinct. It usually means there is something better down the road.

Toilet Thoughts said...

All in one day... hehe. Well, kung saan ka masaya, suportahanta ka. hehe

Ano nga ulit meron sa boss? na hhhuuuwwwaaaawwww?


I'd second nova-san's comment: collow your instincts. :)

the donG said...

maganda din yung mga ganyang experience at least as early as now alam mo na yung mga ganyan.

may trabaho palang nagsisimula ng 6am. parang hindi ko kaya yun ah.

wanderingcommuter said...

lawstude: yeap! yan din ang inisip ko actually. thanks dude!

odin: kung sino man ang nakaimbento ng "what if?" humanda sa akin.

white: you can say that again! hehehe.

kj: pinatry lang sa akin ang pano maging hindi bum sa loob ng isang araw... let's keep it that way dun sa boss. hahaha!

mugen:hahaha... hindi. baliktarin mo hula mo yun ang start niya. hehehe!

bino: its two job with two different work description. since the one that ive applied for is ion conflict with my classes. they offered me the other one na hindi although mababang salary... uhm, time management. hindi ko din alam eh. but one thing is for sure. kulang tulog mo!

nova: pinoy slang that refers to a very easy job. my assumption is it came from the word pitik. papitik pitik lang sa work.

toilet thoughts: salamat tatay(in christian vasquez's visayan accent).
secret. hahaha.killer joy. apply din kayo para malaman niyo. hahaha.

the dong: hala! oo naman... hehehe. dati nga start ng work 2 am to 4 am pa eh. uwi ko sa bahay 11pm. hahaha!

an ode from thee junkie said...

hahaha ang wild idea ko ay dati nating kaaway/inapi/dinaot-daot ang boss mo kaya naman umalis ka dahil nasa posisyon na sya upang gumanti hahaha

Mel said...

haha, kelangan kasama talaga yung mister kebab eh! hekhek!

ako kelangan ko ng trabaho ngeon, demmet