Wednesday, July 11, 2007

missing laughing

yesterday, i met one of my girlfriends, sandy in up diliman to chill and kill time. it has been quite sometime since we last met. so i thought of giving her a sms. good thing, she has no more classes and graceful enough to accept my invitation.
we nailed ourselves in one of the tambayans at the side of the main library and got ourselves fruit shakes. as usual, i got myself an avocado. almost all of my friends knew that avocado happened to be my favorite seasonal fruit and i usually get kilos of it as birthday gifts. for a change, i thought of having it with banana, not a tummy-friendly combination but i thought of giving it a try. well, it was not really that bad. but the effect was as expected when i arrived home---scratches all over the bathroom wall tiles, just kidding again.
then, we took a jeep to tomato kick a nearby pasta restaurant and wanted to grab a bottle of beer or two. but decided to jump off it and took a cab to trinoma. we thought of giving it a visit and see what was inside---this is what we call make-up-your-mind scenes when you don't plan your lakads (i surrender thinking of the english term for it and refuse to call it gimik, eew!), which we always do.
the place reminded us of sm baguio with the open space theme, the terrace-like structure and i can't just wait to see it when the typhoons hit it. but trinoma was bigger and have lots technologically-synchronized fountains. while sm baguio is just a small mall (i hate the sound combination of these words) sitting in top of a hill and only has one giant water fall like the great niagara in the middle of the mall when the rain pours hard on it. i remembered before, i was literally blew away a meter away when i forced myself to go to one of the establishments along its terraces on the top floor. pretty cool huh?!
inside trinoma. we found a coffee shop which was in the third floor i think that has table outside where you could smoke. i am not really sure if it waqs coffee experience but who cares. it was the location and the coffee that i am interested about. you couldn't just resist loving it.
anyhow, sandy and i made a quick update of ourselves and other people's life as well---tsismisan in other words. we concluded among our friends that it was a season of break ups. out of 8 pairs of friends we knew, that were able to find their way to another person's heart last semester and later (baduy! hardcore! hahaha), they were actually trimmed down as far as we knew, to atleast two pairs. alarming isn't it? we wondered why? probably because the university freshmen gaming season just started, i kid. hahaha.
oh, i just miss those times were you fancy and fool those naive and naive-looking freshmen, the wicked me talking. hahaha.
the classic:
freshie: kuya, saan po yung room TBA [or to be announce]?
me: straight ahead, go down sa abortion stairs (because it was long, steep and uneven now go figure the logic/application), then turn left again once you reach the end of the stairs, (the girl was actually writing it down). then turn left turn again once you've reached the bastketball court. after that turn right to pass the library then climb the other stairs and finally just go straight ahead and at the end of it you will see the room TBA.
(the direction, would just basically, lead her to the same spot where she was standing at that moment).
freshman: wow, thanks kuya! see you around.
(there goes my finale: the innocent and helpful smile that eventually fades away and ends up with an evil grin). nyahaha.
well, sometimes you just need to release the bad side in you. wouldn't you agree? i think its healthy. hahaha
we separate late (around 3 hours before my shift and i still need to sleep) and i realized, i just love and miss laughing...
*still having some hang overs. excuse me. hahaha again....


... then the evil grin.


zigcarlo said...

sayang di ako nakasama... kakagising ko lang kasi saka malakas na ang ulan.. hay.. i miss sandy... nextym, pupunta na talaga ako kahit bumabagyo pa.. ehehehe!

redlan said...

buti na lang di siya nagrequest na samahan mo siya(yung gurl). Or tinanong ka kung saan pwede magshort cut.

the soulsearcher* said...

what a coincidence, i also bumped into an old friend last weekend pero unlike you, we are not able to chat for so long.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha. Sama mo naman sa freshmen. hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

zig: oo nga eh. sige next time na lang.
redlan: naku, hindi ko rin siya papaunlakan...may klase ako sasabihin ko. wahahaha.
soulsearcher: sad naman nun...
bino: hindi naman...slight lang. hahaha