Monday, July 9, 2007

y tu mama tambien: my stayl

thinking about the film y tu mama tambien, i withdrew all the money in my card, had my bike's tank full, invited a friend and off to discover my very own 'boca del cielo'.

looking on all the natural greens along the way, was just perfect for my computer strained eyes. so refreshing, hypnotizing and quite dangerous too. i actually slipped twice on sharp curves while driving. the scenes were just overwhelming.

moreover, being the driver and photographer at the same time, taking pictures while driving gives you all the thrill that one will be needing especially to spark up a very monotonous and mechanic life.

without knowing any directions, we found our way to a beach that was my first time to visit. supplied with enough bottles of beer, pack of cigarette and bunch of stories to tell, it was the mouth of paradise indeed.

after burning ourselves up along the shore, we have decided to visit a nearby hot spring resort. a perfect treat! me and my friend decided to stay at the resort for the night.

too bad, i wasn't able to find a threesome at the end of the trip. hahaha. just kidding!

at the end of the day, i just realized that the route we have took from home to the beach to the hotspring resort, would probably be around 75 kilometers. but we only passed roughly a number of people and vehicles along the way. i just thought how come people would desert such place for an unguaranteed promise of success in the cities?


well, probably desire could be more blinding than love (chumminess! hahaha).

what???excuse me for the lack of connection, still experiencing vacation hang overs!


redlan said...

wow, that was great! that's the right place for u! nakakarelax at peaceful!

wanderingcommuter said...

redlan, it was really a treat!

Anonymous said...

wow, i wish i could do that on days im bored......just grab my bike and go somewhere peaceful, or enjoy the views on the ouskirts of the city......kainggit ka naman.

maika said...

ako din! ako din!

Ariel said...

kaingit naman! Hehe. Exciting yan ah! I dream of doing that, too, someday! About Y Tu Mama that film...

wanderingcommuter said...

blogadikted: to quote sue richards of fantastic4, everybody has a choice. (baduy ng source!hahaha)

maika: oo nga kita kita tayo. tapos outing tayo ng ganito. worth it, it swear!

ariel: y tu mama tambien is my favorite movie...hehehe

Anonymous said...

hahaha, galing talaga sa fantastic 4?