Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mochaccino and my career limbo

yesterday, i met another friend in trinoma who was trying to struggle herself against the dizzying crowd of the jobfair---her name was kat. Although she has managed to secure herself with a teaching job in a seminary in makati (yes, indeed, in a seminary! it is like KAT+100 seminarians = law suits, to quote one of our friends, pedro), but it was only good for two months. so she'll be needing to look a stabler one or a job that that would atleast occupy her for one month while she is not yet starting the job.
kat, knowing that i was also thinking of resigning on my current work, invited me to try it out as well. although i went in trinoma, i really don't have any plans of going into the job fair for some personal reasons. as of the moment, i am still undecided.
what i really wanted was just to have a cup of coffee with her and talk. nothing romantic, if you're thinking about that.
we grabbed ourselves a large coffee-based mochaccino. while kat was complaining on how expensive we could be just to maintain our friendship, it struck me. but still bursted laughing. simply because i think it was one of the typical lines said by newly grads turning into bums then realized the call of productivity. basically, they begun to be more sensitive about spending which was unUS (if there could be such word). well, i couldn't blame her.
i also experienced what she was feeling that time. the fact that even if you hold a degree from a prestigious university by the time you hit the road off your campus, things don't always go the way you want it to be. most of the time, a good education only leads you either answering calls, being a bum or working for a NGO (which i don't really find a waste and actually the most ideal work i could have. although practicality-wise, it is insufficient). the good thing about her which i also admired was, she was able to stand on her ground in choosing the job that she really wanted and would make her happy.
as of the moment, i couldn't really say i am happy and productive with my work but talking about financial stability i may say i am stable. but it is just a shame on my part that i am currently on-chain in considering a work on the ground of salary and not mainly on the nature of it: whether i am going to be personally, intellectually and emotionally productive on it.
last night, as i sip the remaining drops of my large coffee-based mochaccino, i asked myself if it was worth the taste that i am willing to sacrifice my own happiness over it.
i find the answer very easy and obvious. but i thought, sometimes it is very easy for us to rationalize things if we are not on the situation. thus, i am still in a career-limbo---floating.


tristan said...

career limbo? i've been in that situation and it was really frustrating when you have to choose on what's practical/can provide the breads or what your heart trully desires. I'd go for the latter.

nicely said...

career shift takes a lot of courage. think about it very deeply. tayo kelan magcocoffee???

wanderingcommuter said...

@tristan. ideally, i would DEFINITELY choose the latter. but if you're options are too limited. even if you have the power to choose, sometimes we need to be contended of what we have and what could be...

...but still dreaming and pursuing it, one at a time.

@nicely. yes. i am actually thinking about it. not to mention i am currently celebrating my first anniversary for work. i just received an appraisal pa for my career. kaya medyo mahirap.

coffee? hahaha. sure kapag may time.