Sunday, July 1, 2007

eternal sunshine of a drunken mind

i think most working people would agree that day offs no matter how long it could be, would never be enough. i just finished my two straight day offs. i just realized that i have a lot of things accomplished for the past 2 days. but realized that i still have a lot of non-work related chores to do.

i've attended my friend's grandmom's wake in taytay(as cited on my previous entry).
i finally had a sibling bonding with my sister, where we watch transformer which was, by the way, sooo coooolll! probably, the next film after the 300 which i was not disappointed.
i have downloaded two movies that were burned into almost 10 wasted cd king disks (argh! i just hate there no return, no exchange policy especially when they begun asking you, " is it a dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+r, dvd+rw?" what the monay na naging fukien siopao is that?) and songs for my mp4 that ate my entire memory.
i just had our weekly inuman session with my former blockmates.
i have finally delivered my laundries in the laundry shop after almost two weeks of pushing myself. although i haven't clean my room yet.
i have finished two pending films : yossi&jagger and old school.
i have started another painting canvas.
i have made some errands for my family.
i have had dinner with a friend.
and i have watched the grand finals of pinoy big brother that ended 12 midnight while my shift will start at 2 in the morning. then realized, staying my precious sleep just know bea won was not worth the-no-sleep-for-the-day status i had.

thinking what i have done for the past two days. i realized, the presence of the persistent feeling of unfulfillment and abstract urges of doing something worth it, was still haunting me. which could basically be the 99.2% of the problems of employed and underemployed. while 102% of the problems of unemployed. if this was what machiavelli was referring at, as man's incontentment as his human nature or probably what social anthropologists' continues search of man for change and development then i'd rather be a garbologists' in denial subject. and i am still denying the fact i am currently in a great battle--- against time.

take it from the mind of a drunk employee who went to work because anything would just make sense. is it not?


Janus said...

Good for you man! If you ask me what have I done for two days, well here's the list:

1. Gone with my friends drinking beer on saturday
2. Gone with my friends to play badminton on sunday,
3. smoke, snoke, smoke, smoke, smoke
4. getting laid... On my bed! hahaha (I don't like green man! LOL)

Anonymous said...

aw wawa naman, di kumasya day off time planuhin mo na bago pa dumating day-off mo, by the way, did you get to watch the opening number ng pinoy big prother grand night?

wanderingcommuter said...

janus> i've done the odds, i haven't done the even...

blogadikted> spontaneous kasi akong tao madalas ayaw ko na pinagplalanuhan baka mafrustrate lang ako. hehehe. hmmm. yes! yung parang carnival na philippine folk dances, why?

Anonymous said...

i was one of the performers that night....i danced with dionne.....tsaka yung ka elbow-to-elbow ni tina sa polka dance nya......