Sunday, July 29, 2007

cooking incest

incest or any romantic and/or sexual relationship between two or more individual within the same and near descent.
for many in the philippines, it could probably be one of the most heavy and sensitive issues to tackle about. admittedly, even i haven't had any chance of thinking and rationalizing it up until now. maybe because it is deemed taboo for us to discuss it and/or we could not actually picture ourselves engaging on it. thus, we could not really relate.
but come to think of it, we all know it is existing. but why couldn't we tackle it? for some cultures, incest has already been integrated and accepted within their societies. it is deemed that such set ups are intended for various purposes commonly for preservation of either wealth, genes and mana. but for some it is simply because of love.
while i am walking on my way home. i passed by four children playing bahay-bahayan along the streets. it amazes me to know that such children's game is still being played, nowadays. despite the fact that most of the children i know are now infront of their computers or inside internet cafes playing on and offline computer games. so i decided to make a halt to see how it differs from the one's we have before.
these children have actual cooking utensil toys.
"sosyal!" i screamed inside my head.
before, we are contended with empty tin cans and bottle caps. in which we are pretending to be cooking crushed wild grass, flowers and leaves. i even remembered myself tasting an unknown concoction of water, wild grass and a spoonful of brown sugar just to proved a discovered the next cola. i had a fever that night.
going back to the kids, one of the girls called another boy who is busy picking up leaves on a nearby grassland. something is cooking, i thought. while waiting for a jeepney to pass by, i lit a cigarette and observe the kids playing. pretending that i am not minding them and they continue doing their business as well.
the girl played the mother while the boy acted as the father. the innocent role playing is a must see. when suddenly, they began acting as if the entire setting is already at night. then the alarming thing happened. they are also doing the hugging and making out things probably like what they are seeing with their mother and father. i am surprised like big time, who wouldn't?
when i thought, i saw enough a loud whistle cut the thin air. a woman is calling names. then the two kids stood up and run toward her. she was actually their mother, making the both of them--- siblings.
when i finished my stick, i stood up and headed home. still thinking of the kids, of course. although the two kids may not have attached any malice on the role play they are acting, i just realized that this reflect a big impact on the issue of incest.
basically, prejudice and discrimination always lie on the third person. ironically, these are the person who are outside the relationship. they are the one who doesn't know the real story, and individuals who doesn't feel what is it being on the situation.
being on the third person position earlier, it made me realized that in the environment that we are differently reared at, we have unconsciously developed our own prejudice and discrimination toward other people who happens to have live different from ours. it is inevitable to happen and should be noted. but, i think what man really lacks, is the ability to understand and consider fellow men. the question of who we are and what we are, should not always deemed to be ideal and acceptable. because the very essence of individuality would contend to this assumption of every individual. thus, keeping this on mind, the process of at least minimizing hate would be finally at reach. then, i realized, if homosexuality, priests and religious ministers getting married, artificial insemination that were once deemed irreconcilable in our society are making its way in being accepted or atleast tolerated. i think that incest would also do---one day.
as i headed home, i imagine that day to arrive. then, i realized i just thought about it, all because of cooking toys.
*if you're still in doubt tried watching starcrossed on one of my previous post. then, just make a quick deep thinking of it.


Marck Ronald said...


try reading pornographic text files (they're not erotica, trust me) that deal with incest. you may be surprised that there are many biological and anthropological claims to back up the idea that incest is not wrong.

just a suggestion.

redlan said...

Nakarelate ako sa post mo. Somehow, naovercome ko na ang ganyang situation. Pero may point ka at tama ang point mo.

Madali ang magsabi kung hindi ikaw ang nasa sitwasyon. Both parties, kelangan may pag unawa at pagtanggap.

Ikaw pa rin ang makapagdesisyon para sa buhay mo.

Goodluck na lang sa kanya-kanya nating buhay!

contrabandiction said...
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contrabandiction said...
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wanderingcommuter said...

marx: you know me i am completely naive with regard to pornography.. hahaha.. send me a copy. haven't had much reading lately.

wanderingcommuter said...

hi ram!!!

ram baguio ayt?