Thursday, July 26, 2007

starting a dialogue: minding other's ass

" it would really not matter to know what other people's life would be, as long as they won't mind mine too," brian, a newly acquainted friend exclaimed. he said it with firmness and the absence of compromisions in one of . you could just not miss sensing it if you were there.
then, i thought, is it really possible for one not to mind another's business/es?
for i always believe that it is innate for human to mind other people's ass. it chooses no race, gender, sexuality or class. it is a universal psyche, if i may say. it supports the undying statement: no man is an island. that man needs his fellow men in order to survive and for one to be able to ask for support or support another he'll be needing to know the other's concerns or background.
so it just intrigues me someone as petite and young as brian would actually claim such.
okay. let's say, probably he really didn't mean it, just to prove the universal claim. but it could not be denied that there are always "what ifs" for every arguement. and what if an individual really doesn't mind.
well, honestly, i can't clearly tell. is it really possible? what do you think?


redlan said...

It's like u put urself in someone's position. sabi nga ni big brother, madali ang maghusga pero kailangan ang pag-unawa.

wanderingcommuter said...

redlan: so it's inevitable for someone to mind other people's business/es?

redlan said...

depende sa situation. depende rin sa tao. kung ako ang tanungin mo, i don't mind other's business unless they don't mind mine.

Anonymous said...

We can ignore people. But some people are just irritating and would not mind their own business.

kubiyat said...

i've just made a resolution to try and keep my nose out of a certain someone's business. it's unhealthy. i must move on.

ironic that you should write about this now :D

Marck Ronald said...


take it from me, the "corruptor" himself: there are things you should mind. to refresh your memory, it's called the ethic of the Other.


peace out.

theTripper said...

there's nothing wrong in minding other people's business as long as you know the limits and must be sensitive with others feelings.


wanderingcommuter said...

bino: i must agree... is tehre any available cage in the market for these people?

kubi: hehehe. napaisip lang din ako kaya ko sinulat. something came up! but its not my business kaya huwag na lang.

marx: hahaha. good point! thinking just one self makes a man stagnant! we need to mind other's business to make our life more dynamic...hahaha! tsismis na! musta ang baguio?

tripper: but how would we know these limits? hehehe