Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hating this part of the day

they say, its okay to commit mistake and to get hurt out of it. because in experiencing so, we learn and become a better person. but its funny how some of us keep on doing the same mistake and lingering on the same pain even though we already know where the same old road leads--- a dead end.
are we just plain hopefuls, believing that in striving and repeating it over and over again, we can correct thise mistake? or are we just fed up with the same circles that we are already trying to numb ourselves and suck up our fate?
it is not the first time, a friend told me he got broken hearted; that he fell for someone whom he had slept with; that despite of our hundred conversations about the boundaries of love and sex, he still falls for it--- he still gets hurt.

it is like a violent game, where everyone is trying to defend themselves but trying to have fun at the same time. we chase each other, feed each other with pretensions and images for the other to bite the bait. we feast the price. then we drop him/her off before s/he drops us. its ridiculously vicious but its reality, at least on this side of the fence.
some call it being jaded while others call it self preservation.
but the real questions are, when is it going to stop? and when will settling in sinks in?
is it when time drains our youth? is it when desperation starts knocking on our door? or is it when we finally meet our most painful heartbreak?
i want to believe that we should not stop people from making mistakes, from getting hurt and from enjoying what he can but should not do because as raised earlier, it is where we learn and becomes a better person.
but whenever i see, hear and feel people dear to me, crying all his hopes out, i couldn't stop myself from thinking, is this really what they deserve from not or resisting what reality is teaching?
but then again, i realize, how do we actually define mistakes? what if this is just another product of another or larger mistakes? how will we larn and how will we handle it?


there are just too many questions and despite the urgency of answers, what really matters is our own individual calls.


Britney Spears said...

what happened to learning things the hard way?

I do not define mistakes. I make them. hahahahaha. echos!

Elias Jayson said...

i feel your anxieties. brace yourself. cheer up :D

Yj said...

they say that the mistake that we keep repeating is actually our bad karma....


red the mod said...

To live with passion is, must be, the only way to live. To feel every emotion as if its the first time you've felt it. To savor every moment, as if its the last.

Life is replete with hardships and tribulations, but know that these exist as mere foils to the potential in each one of us. For greatness, albeit happiness.

The definition of which, and the manner of its discovery, as unique as humanity's spectrum.

We could write rules, and obsess with boundaries, control our feelings, and rationalize situations. But, at the end of it all, each experience is unique, and despite our belief that our history is capable of equipping us with the acuity to handle it, we can't. We won't.

Because, we choose to be passionate.

Embrace each day, with a child's naivety, and a magi's serenity.

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

as they say, you don't really know until you know. you haven't really learned until you've learned.

Luis Batchoy said...

that was one wonderful coffee evening. hope more comes when I get back...

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

these days, if you're not careful you could really hurt yourself. i guess nasa sayo lang yan. rest first if you must. that to me is the real meaning of self preservation,.

Clipped Wings13 said...

it is when we finally meet our most painful heartbreak...

Toilet Thoughts said...

kaya ang pencil may pambura para bumura, me uling para sumulat ulit. hindi matatapos magbura at magsulat hanggat di pa ubos ang pencil. sa kada sulat, magtatasa ka. tutulis ka. o diba? mongol na! :P