Friday, May 7, 2010

manang yosi

there she was, beneath the post shade, deeper than where the shadows reside
people pass her by as if she's the ghost

whose feet touch the ground
no one knew her name

or perhaps because no one really dared to ask
the lines across her face, draw pity all over her soul
though the color of her hair made her divine
i wonder where she is from?
who she was?
and why?

for her age, she should have been dying
with her grandchildren's embrace
while her sons and daughters
should have been lavishing her with gratitude
but there she was,

covering herself
with a thin plastic sheet, she calls home

weeping as loneliness makes her a stranger to words
while smile forgotten her lips
i wonder how she struggle everyday

what she wonders when she looks at time
as it flies infront of her
i wonder what scares her
i wonder if there is more scarier than this

now, i recall how funny those sticks of cigarettes
cost mewhile it buys her time to wrap her memories
funny how i spend all my luxurywhile she already surrendered herself
to hopelessness and misery
remembering her made me realize life's uncertainties

with the need to enjoy it by the moment
but never being too reluctant with opportunities

if only i could thank her today


Lance said...



Mu[g]en said...

Sometimes, we all have to play our part in the web of fates called life. :)

gillboard said...

this is nice.

different from the people you usually feature...

but nice.

Elias Jayson said...


iurico said...

My gosh! Na-touch ako ng bonggang bongga. I love this post!

Yj said...

and i quote.....

hays... wala kang kupas Wiwik

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

poor, old people make me so sad. i don't know. i'm usually not one to judge but i just feel like a lifetime of hard times and wrong choices somehow brought them there. they always have me reaching for my coin purse. keber na minsan sa mga may dalang bata.

i can always count on you for these kinds of posts. thanks for making me think.

victor said...

Isa uling human interest curios from Ewik. Reminds me of Kult artiks sa Kule.

Luis Batchoy said...

love the prose poem!

Peanut said...