Sunday, May 16, 2010

gold dig

"i am a gold digger".

for a second, i caught myself dumbfounded with what expression to put. perhaps it was just a bit surprising hearing someone bravely admitting it. or i guess we are just reading an entirely different dictionary.

T entered the room with a very hard and round chests infront of his parade. his body hugging shirt was generous enough to reveal his well toned tummy. T was too difficult to miss. With a smile that was just an inch away from his earlobes, the light just instantly moved away from the supervisor in front, to him.

then he greeted us. silent sighs roared inside the room. all speculations were then finally affirmed. there were those who rejoiced while others lamented. nonetheless, T's wit was just enough to stumble down a crowd. T was just ridiculously charming.

lunch came, A and I decided to hit a nearby canteen. in our surprise, T approached our table and sat infront of us. a conversation was made, mostly about compliments.


"i am a gold digger. obviously, i have a boyfriend and he is almost two decades older than me. we love each other so much. ang upon saying, i am hoping in the deepest of your hearts that you will believe me when i say i really love him. so we can now be friends."

youth is an innate capital. while some dwell into experiences and knowledge to appraise its worth, others choose for its immediate returns.

i believe no one can really impose on how to utilize it. it is basically an individual call. some end victorious while others are just too regretful to mind it again.

"you don't need to say that. do you smoke?"

T nodded.

we stood up from our seats and went outside. then handed them my open pack.


Yj said...


now ipakilala mo na sakin si T at lahat ng mahuthot niya eh huhuthutin ko!!!


ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

the associations to the term are infinite.

Aris said...

i think he's worth it. sulit naman siguro ang lover niya. hehe! :)

Trip said...

would u believe that we all are "gold diggers" one time or some time of our lives. :)

david said...

gold digger has a very negative connotation.

i have to meet him because i wonder if he is using it as a form of non-conformity.

but T use it to his advantage and probably use it well. it is either we take him or leave him.

Anonymous said...

Ako din gold digger... lol haha.

But since ako na ung yumayaman ngyon, ako na ang dini-"dig." haha

madami na ngayong batang sugar daddy. LOL

- baklang parlorista

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

very thought provoking. i don't think i would be as open. you've always been less judgmental than me. lol

Anonymous said...

We all are.. In some way...