Tuesday, September 4, 2007

celebrating(?) childhood at jollibee

last night, while thinking of a place to have dinner, i have decided to savor my childhood days by going to jollibee in katipunan. i remember when i was a child, i always thought that toy shops were torture chambers. while jollibee was the delightful heaven for little children. a wonderful haven, that it was my childhood belief that no child haven't been to jollibee once in there life and jollibee should always be a part of everyone's happiest childhood memories. but it was just tonight that i realized i was wrong.
before, it was always a dream to celebrate my birthday in class and for me, it should always be JOLLIBEE. but the very reason why it was a dream is because it really never happened.
however, i still had my own taste and wonderful memories of jollibee in me. whenever i get a star from my teacher, it would be automatic for my mom that we stop over jollibee first before heading home, as a form of reward.
jollihotdog was always my favorite and up to now, i really find it weird for kids to love chicken joy. what's with the gravy that some would actually dine it with rice eventhough the chicken is already through: or is it aga muhlach? i don't know but i am not really a fried chicken person.
anyhow, that night, the so thought childhood reminscing dinner was strucked and changed with a hard, heart-aching realization that not all children had their share of such memories.
since i was alone that time, i have decided to take the only available table along the windows. eventhough i am not really fond of eating while other people are passing through on my side and i find it really uncomfortable, i've still placed my tray there. then, i saw a little girl holding what i believe was her younger brother sharing a handful of plain rice wrapped in a jollibee paper wrap.
no gravy. no chicken--- just plain rice.

i just thought if eating outside with a handful of plain rice probably given by one of the crew or a generous(?) customer being shared to a younger siblings to go through the entire day's meals, a pleasant memory to reminisce once these kids grew up? it actually breaks my heart staring at them. those innocent eyes staring to you was beyond being cliche. it is something no research or literature could ever describe to you. it is something that speaks to your heart, shakes your ideology and crumbles your conscience.
unfortunately, our initial tendencies to these are to blame the situation to others.
blame it to their parents, for bearing them without planning if they could cross them to a better life. if they could give them a warm and secured home, noursishing food or atleast a good education.
blame it to the government, for being negligent to their people. by not giving or supporting them a better life based from their rights as secured to them by the very constitution the goverment is ought to follow.
blame it to technology for being so expensive. in which, many people could not afford it. hence they opt to something more convenient and cheaper.
but have you ever thought of blaming yourself because of lack of any initiatives of acting unto the problem? have you ever thought of doing things on your own capacities to atleast minimize such? have you ever thought os stopping the blames and start doing something for it?
after dinner, when i was about to pass the door and hand over a meal, they just disappear from the spot where i saw them.


k.do said...

jolly hotdog?!

i feel the symapthy but still, the jolly hotdog upstaged everything..

i miss you laham..

Ariel said...

ahh...that's a sad story. parang i'm reading the catcher in the rye.

wanderingcommuter said...

ariel;' love the book

kdo: but ofcourse its jollihotdog!
miss you laham

blogadikted said...

one of the things that i hate about our society is that "kung sino pa yung mga mahihirap, yun pa ang masipag mag-anak ng mag-anak"......sigh*