Thursday, September 20, 2007

mrt mania

before, i have never understood how vicious riding the MRT could be until i was transfered in another work shift.

there would probably a million and one complaints and stories i have heard and read among my friends and blogs i have visited about riding the transit.

commonly, it would be how busy, irritating and compact things could be inside those carts, especially during the peak hours. one good example was what my land lord informed me the other day; that my housemate, jasper lost his mobile phone inside of it. and the surprising thing about it was the cart was half empty and it was even not within the peak hours. i thought, probably he lost it somewhere else. but if he claims that it happened inside the MRT. then i am thinking probably nothing is impossible inside it.

among the blogs that i have read, the titilating stories on how people could be so adventurous, risks and opportunity takers among their MRT rides: being sexual stories would be the top of the list (no name dropping guys. don't worry) would probably support my assumption.

but so far, among the around 8 in the morning rides i have had, the experiences like my arm almost being detached, the struggle of stepping out a station just to know it was a station after the intended station and the dignity-wrecking-standing/riding positions are just the things i have to offer.

i have never thought that the entire MRT experiences and stories i have heard are these brutal. since before, i usually ride the MRT between 2 to 3 in the afternoon going to cubao and early morning going to quezon avenue. thus, the volume of passengers going to cubao isn't that big becasue it is not the within the rush hours. while the same principle applies coming from cubao since the mass volume of the entire MRT passengers generally go off on this station.

it is also the very reason why i am more comfortable working within quezon city compare to areas of makati and ortigas. the mere thought of struggling against hundreds of passengers as if trying to escape a burning building was beyond my league. in addition, the traffic jame and/or the taxi fare that would cost is really unbearable. but now, because of my new schedule, it is preparing me to finally experience and equip myself with the appropriate attitude in order to survive the busy and snobbish metropolitan life.

i miss baguio.


TJ Sunga said...

can't agree less. welcome to the club! expect more of the mis-adventures of the daily mrt rides!

Japboy said...

tama. mrt is the melting pot of different experiences. naks. hehe...

wanderingcommuter said...

hi tj and japboy. thanks for the comment. can't wait to ride another mrt trip.
then wring me, there goes sarcasm. hehehe

Anonymous said...

i was able to ride the mrt last year lang. kahit i was 5 yrs sa pinas, mga thrice ko lang nasakyan ang mrt. hehe.. nakakaaliw. pero at the same time, delikado.

wanderingcommuter said...

jackie: hehehe... you should try it now. mas kakaiba siya,. hehehe