Sunday, September 23, 2007

brainstorming a script

i've got these pictures from a mall in quezon city. while there was an ongoing mall tour or event. on the second floor, the security personnel swarmed the entire floor.
since i can't think of something to write about, just for fun, lets play a game.
below are the pictures i have taken. simply, fill in the dialogues to create a wonderful conversation. its that easy.
well, i have ideas of my own. let's see if most people are thinking the same thing i am thinking about these stolen shots.
scene: (fill in a narration)

scene2: (fill in a description)

manong1 (left guy): (fill in dialogue)

manong2 (right guy): (fill in dialogue)

manong1: (fill in dialogue)
(fill in ending line).
let's see how creative your mind could be.


blogadikted said...
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blogadikted said...
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blogadikted said...

scene2: 1st ever nationwide search for "Dancing Bouncers"

manong1: tsk, tsk, di dumating yung kapartner ko, ikaw na lang.....eto isang libo, galingan mo ha.

manong2: teka, pinapanood tayo ng mga tao sa itaas, di ko yata kaya to, baka may makakilala sa akin....nakakahiya.

manong1: gayahin mo ako...yumuko ka na lang para hindi makita ang mukha mo...sayang yung cash prize na 500php eh.

They end up losing horribly dahil nakayuko sila pareho, nagkauntugan sila. Ayun parehas silang may bukol. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

nice one. reigh. hahaha. ballroom talaga. hahaha

wanderingcommuter said...

naisip ko lang din. sino kaya yung nagdelete ng comment? sayang naman. nacurious tuloy ako kung bakit niya rinemove. hehehe