Friday, September 7, 2007


everything is not a matter of default
we live with our choices
of who or what we are and fancy
of when and where we stand

no one could tell us what is right or wrong
for excuses of fate or tradition
because we are all opt for change
and rights equipped on our wombs

we are tenants of the moment
of a time that would never be ours
of a world that would never wait
and a life that costs us a lot

we live for ourselves to others
and not for others to ourselves
in which, we strive like a battle of spiders
suspended in thin sheet of air---
blown by the wind most of the time

it would not really matter,
if you were knocked hard down the ground
for the struggle always begin
when you begin crawling back up

so take the strike for nobody knows
when will everything stop


blogadikted said...

very nice and profound. solid.

theTripper said...

love this one. let us live to the fullest while we are in this timeline. who knows, we could be back. hehehe

wanderingcommuter said...

blogadikted and tripper: thanks i really dunno what striked me.

engz said...

for the struggle always begin
when you begin crawling back up

- my favorite part. this poem is definitely one of a kind. sino po inspirasyon nyo?


wanderingcommuter said...

hi engz, thanks sa comment. naks.. yun po ang problema. alang inspirasyon. hahaha