Saturday, September 15, 2007

drinking spree

for the past days, everything seemed to be in slow-mo. i am beginning to be so stubborn in going out, meeting friends, going to the gym or basically the usual things i used to do before.. there were times when i wish i am back in school again. despite being a stress sponge that time, managing both law school and work, i could firmly say that i am missing it. simply because of the very idea that atleast i am doing something worthwhile. the feeling of being so unproductive is killing me right this moment. thinking that days quickly pass with me just watching tv shows, dvds and surfing the net (in which i still can't manage to update my blog). thus, the fear on the question that if i am going to go back to school again while working, will i still be able to manage my time and self better? better, since the very reason of filing a leave for school was to have a break and better perform once i go back: without thinking that i might get used of just working.
friday, 11:00pm

last week, i had a weekend-long drinking marathon. first, it was with my best friend with his girlfriend here in tomas morato. the challenging part of it was i have my shift that time. i just logged in at work and then went straight to them. we finished a bucket. then decided to call it a night. the sound of termination if i am caught was haunting my ears. fortunately, the roll of mint candies that i kept on chewing saved my ass from the suspicious nose of my boss.
saturday, 5:00am
after my shift which ended up early morning, my officemates decided to drop by a nearby bar. and being the polite and ever-friendly me, i joined them. only the cashier knew how many buckets of beer and pulutan we had. we ended with our eyes closing and alcohol kicking us hard.
saturday, 3:30pm

i already woke up around late afternoon when one of my blockmates reminded me that we'll have to meet by 5 in the afternoon for our blockmates' birthday party which was in south bay, paranaque.
i forcely bragged myself to get up and fix. since it had been a long time since i met these folks, i could not convince myself to say 'pass'. what i didn't know, it was actually an over-night party and i didn't bring anything with me: just me and my aching head because of the last night's hang over.
knowing these guys, it would be another drinking up to the last man standing.since, i had already brought them down during the previous sessions. everybody was aiming in bringing me down that night. they wish!
after the party's dinner, which was extremely tasty and fabulous (thanks rich and charles!), we had overflowing cases of beer, unlimited packs of cigarettes, bottles of vodkas and a box of black label proudly towering in the middle of the table.
the night went through and bodies began to drop. but the cases of beer keeps on coming unendingly. a number of my pals were really acting and behaving weirder and weirder each time. good thing nobody cried and ask 'pangit ba ako? bakit wala pa akong boy/girlfriend?' but people began dancing oddly for the first time. some were blubbering and walking in a very strange manner. sounds of crashing bottles and glasses echoed the place once in a while.
but despite all of these, no one would want to surrender.
sunday, 11:00am
the next morning, tension and confusion of everyone was felt as consciousness and rationality slowly subside to everyone. as usual, i was one of the few who have become the storytellers of what happened the other night (as usual---yabang!).
sunday, 4:30pm
it was already late afternoon when everyone decided to go home. but we went first to big apple to grab a slice of pizza.
sunday, 6:00pm

and by the time i arrived home, i remembered it was that night that i have promised a friend from baguio a favor in exchange of a drinking spree blow out together with other baguio friends who were already here in manila. again, being a man of my word also, i just took a bath, waved a taxi and went to a place along up village.
in the place, i said to myself i am only going to have two bottles for that session. but my being kaladkarin pushed me to have three, four, and more bottles that i eventually became numb in the effect of the previous intake i had.
when the night ended, i realize two things: first, the feeling of having companions and the moments we have shared on those drinking sessions as well as the memories it entailed, push me more in going back to school again by the next semester. for now, it would not really matter how stressful or demanding things could be again nor sacrificing nice sleep. for the value of having companions in which you could fool around or talk about deep and serious things was something more precious than having unproductive days and nights.
lastly, no more drinking for the moment. atleast for the rest of the week.


southdude said...

wow! I can't imagine that! Ang tibay mo dude!

theTripper said...

grabe, lakas mo pala. hehehe