Saturday, January 2, 2010

noodle express

standing on the same spot, she was a holding a bowl of hot noodles again; staring a variety of thick sauces and carefully studying what to put, as if its her life that is at stake.
everyday, she pays the noodle kiosk a visit before going home. she would always order a bowl of noodles and takes a long time in deciding what a variety of sauce to try. surprisingly, she never finished a bowl.


four years ago, a girl had a huge crush with her friend. but the boy never really knew about it. they were childhood friends, neighbors and even went to the same school. in short, they grew up together and were almost inseparable.

until one day, the boy broke the news to the girl, that he was leaving for abroad. dark gray clouds fell upon her.

she locked herself in her room. never received any messages nor calls and would even refuse any invitations, especially if its from the boy. until the boy took the initiative to visit and persuaded her to go out with him. eventually, the girl sourly agreed.

they walked without any destination and with only silence in between them. the boy didn't ask nor explain. while the girl just didn't bother. time went through like all the light posts they passed, unnoticed. until they found themselves standing infront of a noodle kiosk.

the boy ordered two bowls of noodles. yet, no one still took the chance to break the silence. when the man with a tired smile handed over their order. the boy put spoonfuls of different sauces; that was the good thing about the dish: it gives you the liberty to choose but reminds you where you went wrong after. he mixed it slowly and patiently, as if brewing something special then hand it over to her.
the girl, like everything unknown to her, was very hesitant at first. but eventually she was able convinced herself to try it. thinking, it will be the last request she will do for him.

but then the mixed sauce melted and lingered on her tongue as if it conveyed a thousand promise. the noodles, though partially uncooked, became the tastiest strings of flour she ever tasted. she enjoyed it or better yet loved it. it was as if she ended a long search and finally found what she was looking for all along.

a smile appeared on the boy's lips, that sealed the day and the following years that came.


ever since the boy left, the girl religiously visit the same kiosk, trying to produce the same mix the boy prepared for her, believing it would bring him back.

for years, she played with lemon sauce, chili oil, teriyaki, oyster and garlic. but none of them brought him back.

until one day, she received a message from the boy, stating that he is finally coming back home. ofcourse, the girl was excited; too excited that she almost jumped of her seat.

when the day came, the girl patiently waited behind their gate. wondering if the door bell will still sound the same or if it will produce a special timber or tone. she never even felt their tiled floor this warm. then suddenly, her phone rung. it was him.

"hey! can you meet me somewhere else? i am currently not at home. so i thought if we will be going out, i could just meet you there, wherever that may be."

the girl then suggested the same noodle kiosk and the boy with a confused tone affirmed.

hours later, the girl saw herself standing infront of an entirely different person. the boy, now a completely grown up man, is almost half a foot taller, wearing a quite formal attire for the place (different from the baggy clothes he used to wear) and a smile that seemed to be long forgotten by innocence. in a way, she felt a sudden awkwardness. they both felt a little bit uncomfortable.

after brief hellos, the girl immediately ordered two bowls of noodles to a now different vendor, but still wearing the same tired smile. she then excitedly hand it over to the boy, who looks a bit confused at first.

but when he finally remembered. he took the girl's bowl and randomly put different sauces in it. the girl then tried to memorize every sauce that he put: 2 spoon of oyster, a spoonful of teriyaki, a bit of chili and lemon sauces.

the girl with her buds excitedly anticipating, dig a forkful of rich sauced noodles. she pressed it deeper to her tongue, pressing the taste to linger her buds. she played the noodles inisde her lips until it lost its firm. but she found no memories. no picture of the boy nor the taste she once knew.until she eventually realized that she became a stranger to her own present and feelings.


Chyng said...

Ok, fiction.. right?
Talent na ba ngayon ang outgrowing goodbyes?
Sinayang nya yung 4 years na may gwapo siyang nakasabay kumain sa noodle kiosk na yun pero di nya pinan sin dahil emotera siya! Ü

thecurioscat said...

ganda magsulat ah

@Chyng lol natawa ako sa emotera siya

caloy said...

i can totally relate. pero hindi dahil sa noodles ah? hahaha! :D nice nice.

Andrei said...

nice story. me wonders what brought this up on your mind? is this based on an experience? do you go to a noodle kiosk on a daily basis? probably, you're in love. or you are also a stranger to your own present. keep it up, dude.

Yj said...

bakit hindi namatay yung girl? tapos na heartbroken yun guy, kaya naghanap nalang ng boylet?

hmmmmp badtrip.... :( hahahahaha

echusera ka, sa circle sigurado yang noodle kiosk na yan... TSE!

engel said...

makapagdala nga ng date sa noodle kiosk. baka may magtimpla din ng noodles para sakin.


nice story ewwik.

Padsiefoot said...

Kaya pala hindi mo matapos tapos ang project mo! Blog ka ng blog!

PrincheCHA Fiona said...

ganda! :)

happy new year ewwwik!

Anonymous said...

noodles? Stir fried ba 'to? lols

anteros' dominion said...

ang galing!

magaling ang pagkakagawa.

OST: i remember the boy but i dont remember the feeling anymore..version ni lea salonga


red the mod said...

I used to date this guy. I'd bring him to Kowloon House after every date, for some midnight snack and talk. You see, I love Szechuan food. And I would bring him there because I wanted to share my comfort food with him. It would be siopao and SML for the both of us. He'd bitch about work, I'd listen attentively (I was still studying then). It was our thing. Until I discovered I wasn't his only one. In fact there were five of us.

I haven't been back to that Kowloon House since then.

Anonymous said...

Exact phrase

kubi said...

Huy Erik! Happy New Year sayo! :)

gege said...

natuwa ako...
ang bida dito yung noodles!
ang lungkot.
pero gusto ko 'to!
yung malungkot.
hello po!

Victor Gregor said...

Nakarelate din ako. Bilang adik sa Hong Kong style. LOL.

Ely said...

Nice. pero LOL, natawa ako sa comments.

citybuoy said...

mahal ko ang hong kong style noodles. haha lalo na pag taghirap na at wala nang makain.

anyway, natuwa naman ako sa post mo. parang naalala ko yung line sa cup of coffee ng garbage.. i smoke your brand of cigarettes and pray that you might give me a call... at sa new radicals.. i'm speeding by the place that i met you for the 97th time tonight...

siguro pag naiwanan kasi tayo, we do everything to remember. memories seem perfect in our mind pero they're also fleeting. before you know it, wala na sila. so ayun, we do things to keep the memory alive.

penge noodles.

Johnny Cursive said...

Happy new year parekoy!!!

Pde ba kita hiramin para isulat ang talambuhay ko? Haha. Mmmm noodles.. Gawa tayo graphic novel haha

Anonymous said...

ako fave ko is 4 tbps of teriyaki sauce tapos 1 tbps of oyster sauce. oke na ako dyan. tapos may siomai sa ibabaw, hehe.

fiction. nice. :)

炒米粉Ken said...